Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy 29+1

Happy birthday Marisa!! By the looks of your Ozzies pictures, your b-day celebration was a huge success. I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate! May your year ahead be filled with everything wonderful. Check your mail in the next couple of days for a fun birthday package. Enjoy your b-day, I miss you!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007


I haven't posted anything in a really long time. I don't feel that I've been up to much at all, but I guess I have to break the non-blogging cycle and post something. Here's whats been going on in my world.

- I filed our taxes. Being married is great, not because I think it helped our taxes be any better than individually, but the return is bigger, and because we "share our money", I therefore HAVE more money...although not really since we are paying off the wedding.

- It has been freezing cold here for most of this week. After having a very warm winter so far with no snow, I'd forgotten what it feels like to be cold, but now I remember, and it doesn't feel so good.

- I'm a present-sending slacker. Heather can attest to this...she just recently got her birthday present...from September. Every night I walk into my house to see a neat stack of Christmas presents for 4 different people that I've been to cold (read above), and lazy, to send out. I'm sure these people (Jane, Jerica, Meliss & kids) understand that I don't love them any less, I'm just lazy.

- I'm sick of cooking. I make dinner every night and its a long ordeal. We have this horribly small kitchen that is poorly designed and by the end of dinner I'm frustrated and strung out. This sucks because I love to cook. So last night, Michael got his very first slacker dinner, made by me...buttered egg noodles.

- I need to get my hair colored, but like every couple of months since I've moved to A2, I'm never sure what to do with my hair. No one here colors it as good as my wonderful colorist in Seattle, and because of this, I'm never fully satisfied with how it looks. I need to make a decision because it desperately need to be colored. I know this, because my husband who has no concept or interest of female grooming schedules or anything remotely related to everyday going-ons, said to me, "you're roots are showing, it's time to get your hair done". I replied "Did you have a stroke, who are you?".

- We recently switched to Comcast digital voice for our phone service. And while this will save us $540 a year, its not very clear and there is a lot of background noise. But, we dont' use the phone that much, and if I perch just so next to the doorframe leading from the hallway to our office, the sound is clear, so I can make due I guess.

Thats all for now, I'm sure theres more to come.