Monday, July 31, 2006

Energy Sucks

I work for an energy company, I even work for the energy company that I get to write $200 bills to every month for our energy service at home. I am not able, however, to come home after work and have energy. Our power was out from 5 o'clock until 9:50p.m. today. Let me just also add that at 8 o'clock it was still 95 degrees outside and it wasn't very pleasant inside either. Thank goodness it's back up, I'd be less than happy if I had to pay for a hotel tonight in order to not roast.


In an attempt to not be pasty white for the wedding, I decided to go to the spray on tanning booth this weekend for a test run. I know they spoofed the experience on Friends years ago, but I must say, from personal experience, that it is every bit as unpleseant as it was portrayed.

After watching a video briefing me on what to do (booties, shower cap, lots of 'barrier' lotion on the hands, nails, knees and elbows to prevent tanning in those areas), I was shown to my room, which actually reminded me somewhat of an industrail closet. After getting undressed I followed the rules, put on the cream, my shower cap and booties and realized the goggles were missing. I got dressed and went to the desk where I was told to just shut my eyes, because the goggles caused noticable circles and I wouldn't want that.

I went back, got undressed again and entered the tanning booth. I was to press a green button and in 5 seconds was to be showered with tanning spray for the next 12 seconds. I stood there and nothing. So I pressed again, nothing. After repeating the process a few times I stepped out, got dressed and went back to the reception desk. The woman working the desk apologized and said she had forgot to turn it on, and that it should now be o.k.

I went back to the room, undressed for a third time, got into the booth and again nothing. At this point, I'm frustrated, but keeping my cool. I got dressed again, went back to the desk and was told that she had forgot to validate my fingerprint, which is part of their security measure to make sure people don't fry themselves in the regular machines 15 times a day. After I verified I went back, got undressed and was READY to get tan.

I pressed the green button and just as it was described I was showered with a burst of tanning spray for 12 seconds. Of course, I'm holding my breath and shutting my eyes, and after 12 seconds the machine stops and I have 10 seconds to turn around. Well at this point I need to take a breath and when I breath in I am disgusted by the massive amounts of tannign solution floating in the air. The machine proceeds to blast my backside for 10 seconds while I'm coughing and trying not to breathe in any more sludge.

After it was all through I stepped out, took a deep clean breath and toweled myself off. After a few hours I notices a VERY distinct tanline on the tops of my feet that the booties did not cover, and my hands, which I had applied a LOT of barrier lotion to were freakishly tan. Over the rest of my body I was pleasantly tan and I was happy with the results (minus the hands and feet).

It's a little expensive to have done, and if I do it again before the wedding, I'm going to have to figure a way to A) breathe and B) protect my hands and if that all works, I'll be doing it for the wedding.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Ring

After looking at many different stores, styles and materials, we finally purchased Mike's wedding band last night. It is a beveled edge tungsten carbide ring by Trent West and was suprisingly affordable. It is nearly impossible to scratch or dent, and won't loose any of its luster. It's also extremely hard and can never be sized like gold or platinum, although the company we bought it from will allow him to exchange it if his size ever changes. I'm happy to be done with it. I like the ring, and I'm happy to be able to cross one more item off the wedding to-do list.

Monday, July 17, 2006

3 Months

In less that three months (89 days) from now Mike and I will be getting married. I am so excited, although quickly starting to realize how I need to get in gear and start some of the projects I thought I had plenty of time to start. Yet to do are: addressing/sending invitations, menus, direction cards, finishing centerpieces, choosing readings, picking or writing our vows, choosing ceremony music, planning the rehersal dinner, confirming vendors and getting my dress in and fitted. I have a feeling the next few months are going to fly by!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Never going to happen

I love having guests at my house, and I'd have a lot more if I could. But this product is beyond ridiculous. I'm sorry, but if and when you do stay at my house, you're never getting ironed sheets.

Happy 18th birthday Jerica! I hope your day is great!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Year 28

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 28. I can actually say I'm happy to be turning 28, because all year long I thought I was 28, when I was only 27. I don't know why it was so hard to remember how old I was, but now I KNOW I'm 28.

Yesterday I worked until noon and Mike stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I drove home at noon, picked him up and we went to The Lake House. Mike wasn't super excited to watch a Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock movie, but since it was my birthday, I got to decide. We heade home after where I took a little nap before we headed off to dinner.

Dinner was fantastic. We ate at the Chophouse which is by far one of the top restaurants in town, and better still is that on you birthday you get 50% off your entire food bill (for both people, not just the birthday person). I was too stuffed to head over to the attached dessert place that I love, so we headed back home to digest for a couple of hours. Later we went back out for some frozen custard which was great as well.

I love my birthday...I just wish everyone I love was closer to celebrate it with me!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

What we did in Fargo

We got a lot accomplished while we were home in Fargo:
  • Almost missed our plane to Fargo (we got the last 2 standby seats)
  • Went to Target to buy 2 clean shirts because our luggage didn't arrive and we had an appointment in the morning
  • Met with the photographer
  • Went to lunch at my favorite pizza place
  • Went to the cake tasting and picked out flavors for our cake
  • Bought a ton of clothes at the Dakota Boys Ranch (there is nothing better than buying a suitcase full of new clothes from Target and having it only cost $50)
  • Picked out flowers at the florist...they are going to be gorgeous
  • Saw the reception venue, I'm absolutely in love with it, it's beautiful
  • Met with the church wedding coordinator
  • Picked out the tuxedos for Mike and the guys
  • Spent the day with my friend Melissa and her baby Colton
  • Went to the barn to visit my cousins beautiful horse, Dolly
  • Had my bridal shower (picture below of my cousin Jerica, a bridesmaid, me, and my cousin Krista, who coordinated the shower)