Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner Drop Off

I dropped off dinner to the wife of one of the radiology residents over my lunch hour today. They had a baby boy three weeks ago and some of the wives arranged to deliver meals a few days a week. I brought over a very delicious sausage lasagna recipe I made for company last week. Mike was sad yesterday that it wasn't for our dinner. I also brought along salad, bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies to complete their meal. I hope it made their dinnertime tonight a little easier and gave them more time to spend with their beautiful baby boy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don't get a chance to watch a lot of live t.v., so I end up recording most of it and catching pieces of it when I can. Plus, I really, really like fast forwarding through all the commercials.

I am really excited for the Grey's Anatomoy season premiere tonight! It is definitely one of my favorite shows. My all time favorite, ER, was cancelled last season and I'm bummed that Thursday nights will no longer include them.

I watched the first episode of Glee on Hulu and it is absolutely hilarious, its definitly going on my to-watch list. A few other new shows coming out, like Three Rivers, have caught my attention and I'm looking forward to them.

Sunday night the new season of Dexter starts, which both Mike and I are pumped for. We started watching Season 1 when we had a free Showtime promotion, and quickly burned through all three seasons on our DVR. If you haven't see it, you should definitely check it out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goose Egg

Last night I had a bad mommy moment. Griffin and I were sitting on the orange shag rug in his room giggling and tickling and hanging out before bedtime. Mike can in with the bottle and I got up and asked Griffin to get his sleep sack so he could go to bed. He smiled and started runningfor the door and I leaped ahead and went to push the door closed. Unfortunately Griffin didn't stop in time and he hit his head on the edge of the door and got a big goose egg on his forehead. I felt so bad as we watched it get bigger and bigger and Mike got all doctor-like on it poking and prodding and checking him out. We gave him some Tylenol and he went to bed like normal - even slept through the night which he hasn't done for about 3 weeks now. Mike and I went in to check on him before we went to bed and it didn't get any bigger, but we knew he might wake up with a black eye. Luckily this morning it is just a small bruise on his forehead, and no black eye. This is only my 3rd or 4th baby mommy moment I've had in 18 months, so I guess thats not too bad...and I've had thousands of good mommy moments, so hopefully that outweighs this not-so-fun memory.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thought

I hate on blogs when people nickname significant people in their lives so they don't reveal their identity. For instance, if your husbands name is Thomas Knudsen the 4th, please don't call him TK4, its just silly. If you have a nickname you normally use for your spouse or child routinely, that is fine and understandable and fun, as it lets readers into your life a little. Its okay to leave your last name out of the mix, but I think calling your child on your blog by their "internet nick name" instead of their first name is just strange.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


The family and I are headed out of town tomorrow for 11 days to Mike's hometown. We are really looking forward to it. Being up there is really relaxing, and his family is great to be around. We also have babysitters (hurray!) that are awesome and free! We have quite a few fun activities planned while we are up there, so I hope to have some new pictures to share when we get back.