Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Tonight will be a pretty uneventful Halloween. No costume parties or trick-or-treaters visiting us, but the night is turning out to be beautiful weather for the kids. I remember some Halloween's as a child when it was freezing and snowing, and like a dumbass I decided on some not-so-warm costume choices...more than once.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Our First Big Married Purchase

We've been shopping like crazy for the last two weeks, but yesterday we made our first big married purchase. After much conversation, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new matteress. Let me just say, there was nothing wrong with our old mattress, it was queen sized pillow-top, comfortable and easy to sleep on; however, after spending our wedding night on a beautiful king sized mattress with a foam support layer on top, our bed just didn't seem quite so great anymore.

We also purchased a very modern platform bed that is much different from anything we currently own. Two weeks ago at Crate and Barrel I bought an ivory duvet cover with a chocolate paisley pattern on it (in King size, in hopes of an upcoming purchase), and with the new bed, sheets and curtains I've now purchased to coordinate, the room is going to look great. I can't wait for the bed to arrive on Thursday!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's Official

Michael and I are married and it feels awesome. After 8 months of planning, we pulled of a fun and memorable 8-hour celebration. I had mentally prepared myself for things that would go wrong, but I can honestly say, that if anything did, Mike and I either didn't notice or care. The ceremony was personal, and I managed to not cry (I was afraid of sounding like a blubbering idiot), the reception space was gorgeous, and it was awesome to be surrounded by everyone we love.

To all of you who traveled from both near and far, thank you, thank you, thank you. You made our day special with your presence, and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed your stay in Fargo.

I am starting to get pictures e-mailed to me, and as soon as I have some, I'll post them here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm here

I arrived in Fargo on Sunday afternoon, although after carrying my wedding dress through both the Detroit and Minneapolis airports, I was a little tired, and my arms were a little sore. Who knew a dress could weigh so much!!

I spend yesterday running around town picking up miscellaneous items that I needed for the wedding, and of course, stopped by all 3 Dakots Boys Ranch stores to pick up bags and bags full of new clothes. I can never get over how cheap their stuff is, I must have bought about 5 skirs, 1 purse, 2 blazers, 5-6 sweaters, 5 shirts for Michael, 2 bathrobes, 4 pairs of pajamas and other miscellaneous items (all new) for under a hundread dollars. The value just can't be beat!

Today my cousin Jerica (also a bridesmaid) is going to come over and hang out and run some more errands before we head out for a Chinese food lunch...yum! I am getting so anxious for everyone to get into town this week, there are so many people I haven't seen since Christmas, or even before and that in itself is enough to make this week awesome, let alone the wedding.

The weather here has gotten a little colder than originally expected (read: 37 degrees right now); however, it appears as though it won't rain on the 'big day', but they the S-word has gotten thrown around quite a bit for a possible flurry or two tonight. Bundle up!