Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Spending and Saving

A few weeks ago Michael and I set a very lofty goal of how much money we'd like to save by the end of 2007; however, it feels like everytime we turn around more money flies out of our pockets. Between all of the weddings, upcoming graduations, birthdays and holidays, I'm feeling that we are further behind than when we set the goal. And whereas I've always lived within my means and not carried a bunch of debt, I've also not been the worlds biggest saver and I'm hoping the next year will turn that behaviour around.

This year I've tried to be careful in my holiday shopping, although its my favorite holiday and I always go overboard, its just something that simply cannot be helped. I have been scouring stores and online looking for good deals on great gifts to try to stretch the dollar a little bit further. I've been sort of disappointed in the sales so far. I realize that after black Friday there aren't so many sales to be had for a short while, but I want to get the shopping D-O-N-E. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at a big stack of beautifully wrapped presents and knowing there are 20 days until Christmas and you don't have to go back into the crowded, crazy, overheated mall anymore before the holiday.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This will be my first Thanksgiving away from members of my own family. I've not always been with my parents on Thanksgiving, but I've had aunts, uncles and cousins around if my parents weren't. This afternoon Michael and I are driving to Newberry, MI to spend Thanksgiving with his family and I'm a little homesick. Our family doesn't have many Thanksgiving traditions, but there are things that are commonplace (foods, location, etc) that won't be this year and I'm feeling a little out of sorts. I wish I could infuse some of my family traditions into his, but that isn't easy to do, so I'll just have to hold off and hope we are around my family next year.

This weekend should be very busy with Thanksgiving tomorrow, our second wedding reception on Saturday and a baby shower for one of Michael's cousins on Sunday. Between all of that and driving 6 hours each way, we should be plenty tired by the time we get back late Sunday night!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends who sometimes seem so far away in distance, but you are never far away from my heart and thoughts. I love you all!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Congratulations to my brother Sam and his wife Samantha on their marriage in Las Vegas! Michael and I had a fun weekend and enjoyed being on the other side of a wedding...the side where its all about enjoyment of the day (no planning, no pictures, no worries). Best wishes and luck to you in your future together. We love you! A few pictures of the fun weekend:

Mike and I at Caesars Palace
Aurora, the best flower girl in the world

Sam #1, taking photos

Sam #2, what an awesome bride

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I was jogging/walking through the rain to the gas station next to my work to pick up some wheat thins to go along with my lunch and I slipped in a combination of slippery rubber shoes, slick asphalt, on the way down I scraped both my palms, my right knee and elbow and somehow managed to twist my right ankle. I stumbled the last 5 or 6 steps into the gas station, looked down, and saw what appeared to be a tennis ball underneath my skin on my right ankle. I went to the ER right away and after x-rays they said it wasn't broken, but it was a level 2 sprain, which is where the ligaments overstretch or tear, so I'll be out of commission and hobbling around for a few weeks at least. The picture is of the comparison of my bad leg to my good leg, after icing and keeping it up for the last 2 days. It's swollen and black and blue all the way from the side of my ankle to my heel. Its about 500 times better than it was.

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Sad Goodbye

Last night we sadly had to put my cat Chico to sleep. He has been fighting diabetes for over a year and we've tried everything to make him stable and better, but we came home yesterday and he was very, very ill and after talking to the vet we decided to let him go, although its hands down the hardest thing I've done. I'm gonna miss you Chico-baby.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Last night I slept on our brand new bed, with brand new sheets, duvet and duvet cover. It was the most cloud-like sleeping experience I've ever had and I was sad to have to wake up an hour early to get breakfast for a meeting at work this morning. I would have much rather snuggled in for that hour and enjoyed the comfort that is my new bedroom. Pictures coming shortly.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

White Stuff

It's snowed a little today, and frankly, I'm not ready for it!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Watch your step

Last night I was walking out of our office and Ballard was hiding underneath a sheet that was falling off of our spare bed onto the ground. I didn't know he was there and firmly stepped on him and I was pretty sure that I had killed him, because I stepped on him HARD. He seemed fine, but I was afraid that I hurt him internally, so we took him to the ER vet and after an exam, x-ray and 2 hours we were told he was o.k. I felt horrible, but I'm happy he is o.k.