Monday, March 28, 2005

"You don't change the plan on game day!"

We had a last minute change of plans for Easter. We were going to be having dinner at my dad's house, but because of an illness in the family I got a call that morning and rearranged the plan. 'Plan A' was going to be dinner at my dad's (including my step-mom, step-brothers, step-aunt) all of whom my boyfriend had never met before.

But, we ended up going with 'Plan B' which was driving to my dad's to drop off his Easter treats, and him getting to meet the boyfriend. Them driving to my aunt's house where her and her husband, two kids and brother-in-law and my mother were. So he got to meet all of them. Then we were driving home and I called Elaine to check in and she and her boyfriend were hanging out, so we stopped over there for a bit so Elaine could meet him. He survived it all beautifully, I was relieved and impressed. Afterwards we drove home and I took a little nap while he digested and played X-Box. It was a really nice day despite the change of plans.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

:::jonny lang:::

jonny lang
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Last Friday Erin & I saw Jonny Lang at the Moore theater. The concert was awesome. I have seen him many times before and he is always excellent. This was an acoustic show and he used a lot of different guitars throughout. He is actually from Fargo like I am and I remember him playing at weddings and what not as "Jonny Lang and the Big Bang".

Keri Noble opened up for him, and she is awesome. She is from Minneapolis, and a wonderful singer. They both sounded awesome live and it was a great night! Thanks again Erin for coming with me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My New Phone

My New Phone
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I got home to find my new cell phone waiting for me. It's fabulous! It's going to take me awhile to get used to navigating around it, and getting my address book loaded in, but it's great so far! I've already downloaded a real music tone so John Mayer will sing to me in his actual voice when you call sweet is that!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Busy Girl

I just got back from North Dakota/Minnesota last night. I left on Friday and spent the weekend with family and friends, which is always awesome. I spent two days in Minneapolis for training. Tonight I'm going to clean the house and try to get some laundry finished. Tomorrow I have a work function and then dinner w/Mike. Friday Erin & I are going to the Jonny Lang concert (I cannot wait)!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Heather and I checked out the yoga studio a couple of blocks from our houses last night. The room was awesome...we both agreed we'd like to just have it for an apartment, nice architecture. So we went through class and it was all good until our very nice instructor told us to go ahead and make a know, like the kind you did when you were 10. Your hands and feet on the ground and your stomach in the air, head hanging upside down. Heather and I just looked at each other, giggled (yes, in the middle of yoga) and said YEAH we just relaxed on our pillows and waited for the yoga junkies to come down off their bridge.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A morning stroll

I woke up this morning at five minutes to six and was wide awake. I put on my new white and pink tennis shoes, grabbed the iPod and headed out for a walk. It was so calm on the hill this morning, and it was the perfect weather for a morning stroll. I walked about 2 miles or so, went home, took a shower and was at work 15 minutes early. Maybe I'll make the morning walk a part of the routine...on days that aren't rainy of course.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

2311.33 miles

I don't write about the boyfriend very often...some things in life should remain private. But, world & internet it has to be said. I love this man. I do. Yup, actually love. But there's a catch...always has to be a catch.

He's smart...a genius actually. Sometimes I'm in complete awe of him. I love when he geeks out an starts talking about experiments and muscle functions of animals at 8a.m. It's just cute. So with all of his smart he's goten his Ph.D. and thats awesome. Then he applied to medical school...multiple ones actually. He got into them all. Thats right...ALL of them. I'm telling you he's smart. So of course we're in Seattle, 3 miles apart from each other and he gets into UW, 5 miles away from him. SWEET!! Oh yeah...the catch...

Remember the 'other' medical schools he got into? Oh yeah...lets see, they are in Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Detroit...anyway. So you know that awesome medical school 5 miles from our houses...HE'S NOT GOING THERE. NOPE! He's off to friggin' MICHIGAN!!! you know how far it is to Michigan?? guessed it 2,311.33 miles.

So I'm happy for him, but I'm sad as hell. He's awesome, I feel awesome when I'm with him...I thought we really had it going on. But it's hard to have it when you're thousands of miles apart and he just doesn't strike me as the hopeless romantic, get down on one knee after a year with the "I love you and we'll figure this crazy life out together" speech.

So this crazy thing called love...damn!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha's Release

I for one am HAPPY Martha is being released today. Now that's not to say that she didn't deserve to serve time, if she illegally traded stock knowing information beforehand, she did. She was a former stockbroker, she knew better. But, I have missed all of her 'Good Things'. Sure, its sometimes funny to see someone with so much wealth trying to teach all of America's housewives and stressed-out yuppie women how to dye Easter Eggs to looks like real marble, or make the perfect stuffing for your holiday bird. But she's been missed, and I love Martha, and I'm sure she'll bounce back from all of this, because how hard is it to forget 5 months of prison once walking back into your $13 million dollar home, onto your custom designed hardwood floors, your face slathered with 200 dollar face cream, and slide under your 800 thread count sheets for a restful nights sleep.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The infamous V of meat

The infamous V of meat
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We went to Marrakesh for Marisa's 28th birthday party...and this picture is my dinner. Thats right...meat on a stick in a v-pattern...excellent! If you click on the photo you can see more fun filled pictures from our Moroccan feast and karaoke goodness.