Sunday, March 06, 2005

2311.33 miles

I don't write about the boyfriend very often...some things in life should remain private. But, world & internet it has to be said. I love this man. I do. Yup, actually love. But there's a catch...always has to be a catch.

He's smart...a genius actually. Sometimes I'm in complete awe of him. I love when he geeks out an starts talking about experiments and muscle functions of animals at 8a.m. It's just cute. So with all of his smart he's goten his Ph.D. and thats awesome. Then he applied to medical school...multiple ones actually. He got into them all. Thats right...ALL of them. I'm telling you he's smart. So of course we're in Seattle, 3 miles apart from each other and he gets into UW, 5 miles away from him. SWEET!! Oh yeah...the catch...

Remember the 'other' medical schools he got into? Oh yeah...lets see, they are in Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Detroit...anyway. So you know that awesome medical school 5 miles from our houses...HE'S NOT GOING THERE. NOPE! He's off to friggin' MICHIGAN!!! you know how far it is to Michigan?? guessed it 2,311.33 miles.

So I'm happy for him, but I'm sad as hell. He's awesome, I feel awesome when I'm with him...I thought we really had it going on. But it's hard to have it when you're thousands of miles apart and he just doesn't strike me as the hopeless romantic, get down on one knee after a year with the "I love you and we'll figure this crazy life out together" speech.

So this crazy thing called love...damn!