Friday, December 31, 2004

A Year In Review

This year has been great. The great significant things that happened in my life this year were:

Going back to ND to visit family and friends
My dad getting remarried
Going to Mexico
Starting a new job
Seeing John Mayer on my birthday
Moving to Queen Anne
Celebrating a year of absolutely wonderful friendship
Finding an amazing boyfriend who makes me laugh
My aunt visiting me for a week

I am looking forward to what the year ahead will hold. To all who read this:

May the coming year bring you joy, love, happiness and excitement. I love you all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hello Lover

If you understand the title of this posting, you understand the importance of this day. Yes ladies and gentleman, today is the release of the second part of the sixth and final season of Sex and the City. Tonight Elaine, Heather and I will be watching the episodes live from my living room as we've been anticipating the release for months.

Part of my Christmas list was this DVD set to be preordered and delivered by Amazon today. It was ordered for me, but the delivery date is January 3rd. Are you kidding me? I can't possibly wait another week to see the final episodes!! How will it all end, Big, Carrie....AHHHH!

Some of my favorite quotes from the show are:

"He broke up with me on a post-it"
"I think I have monogamy. I must have caught it from you people."
"I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet."
"I can't believe I'm back here again."
"You can't leave New York! You're the Chrysler Building! The Chrysler Building would be all wrong in a vineyard!"
"If you're tired you take a napa, you don't move to Napa!"

Of course, I love every minute of that show...I can't believe these are the last episodes....

Monday, December 27, 2004

The importance of safety

I heard about he tsunami last night on the news, and was absolutely horrified at the devastation it is causing. Thousands of people have dies, countless thousands of others are missing, without housing and still enduring. It is truly amazing to think that that could happen here in Seattle. I'm proud that our country is always ready to help aid in the assistance of countries in need of help. We immediately shipped out people to help feed and shelter those affected by the tsunami.

I heard on CNN this morning that Oprah's designer Nate was vacationing there when it happened and survived, although when I first heard the report I thought they said he died and I was like "Not Nate! He's an awesome designer and he's Oprahs friend!" It is always amazing how putting a face to a tradgedy can affect your view on it.

On a side note, my step-brother Ryan bought me pepper spray for Christmas. Of course, thats probobly a logical choice considering he did all of his holiday shopping at a sporting goods store. I've never felt unsafe in this city, certainly not enough to warrant carrying pepper spray in my purse, but maybe if I decide to take on NYC again, I'll bring it along.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Piles of paper and bows

Last night my dad, step-mom, brother, his girlfriend and I opened our presents to each other. Our family doesn't just buy each other one gift, but many gifts. It takes hours for us to open them all up, but by the end of the night, we've given and gotten lots of wonderful things. We went to midnight mass last night, which is something I love because of all of the candlelight and Christmas carols. This morning I came over to my dads house to make breakfast for everyone and we opened our stockings to each other. Now maybe you think I'm too old for a stocking, but I say NEVER. Stockings are by far the most fun part of Christmas. I is the MOST fun part of Christmas, I don't know why, it just is.

Some of the highlights from my Christmas goodies so far are a pink mini Apple iPod, the new lock T&CO Tiffany necklace, a pink tweed jacket w/ velvet trim and a beaded silver and pink bracelet with a charm of the Eiffel Tower on it. There are a few more presents left to open with my step-brothers, but so far this Christmas has been awesome!! I can't wait to use all my gifts!

I know this post has been a lot about gifts, but the biggest gift is getting to spend time with my family. I'm so lucky that we could all be together to share the holiday together. Merry Christmas everyone!

(Pictures of the holiday goodies to come!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The First Gift

'Tis the Season...and one of the best parts (apart from shopping to find the perfect presents) is opening and giving the first present of the year. Tonight Heather, Elaine, Marisa and I will be having dinner and exchanging gift...I can hardly wait!! I'm heading home early to get some things done around the house before I head over to Elaine's for the fun...Christmas here I come!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Count Yourself Lucky

If you are fortunate enough to receive one of my Christmas cards this year, count yourself lucky. I had been thinking about a couple of different ideas, but after a lot of thought, finally decided on one. Of course, the one I decided on includes endless amounts of time and hand glittering letters...and let's just say, thats not a quick process. I've only made 4 so far, but maybe I'll get a bunch more made tonight.

More holiday fun coming your way here.

Many thanks to Tim for going shopping with me today...all day...for work. It wouldn't have been near as much fun without you. Happy ChrismaKwanzakkuh...and thanks for listening to Kelly Clarkson in the car, even though I know you wanted to run away screaming as fast as your legs would carry you.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Over and Over Again

Last night during Elaine's b-day celebration, we were discussing the 10 things in our life we would do over a hundred times if given the chance. Below are my 10, in no particular order.

1. Front row at the U2 concert, and Bono kneeling down to sing to me
2. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night
3. Holding an octopus while diving in Hawaii
4. Falling asleep with someone you love next to you
5. Watching the snow fall outside, with a fire roaring inside
6. Laying on the trampoline at our lake cabin at night watching the stars
7. Kissing someone you really like for the first time
8. Sunday afternoon movies with my dad
9. Hugging Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20
10. Late afternoon naps on a rainy day

Friday, December 03, 2004


Two new addictions this week:

Spider Solitare on the computer....

Crocheting scarves...if all you get are 5 scarves for Christmas...don't complain, I can't help myself.

Holiday Fun

Just a little mid-afternoon holiday fun to keep you going!

Dress up Santa!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas is in the air

First off...sorry the funny picture hasn't been posted yet. I haven't been feeling too well and I've been forgetting my camera at home. It will be here this week I promise.

So last night I called my professer and didn't go to class because of the following reasons:

A) I'm sick (which is true)
B) There was no test or quiz (a first in 9 weeks)
C) I needed a break

So, I was preparing to go home at 5:30 as normal, but had a quick meeting with my boss around 3:30 to discuss some projects we were working on. At the end of the meeting, she mentioned that she had a conversation with her boss about our Christmas decorations needing updating, so she said because I had great taste, would I mind going shopping... Would I mind? I'd LOVE IT! So, instead of going home (since I was skipping class), I spend 4 hours shopping...a lot of shopping...with the company's money...and how FUN IS THAT?! I bought a ton of christmas decorations, and the tree looks beautiful (picture to come), and my boss's boss, who is a FANATIC about Christmas told me more than once how wonderful it looks!

Tonight I am getting my permanent crown put in, so I'm sure that'll be buckets of fun. My mom is going to come over after and bring me to dinner, although I'm sure I won't be able to eat much with a sore mouth, but it'll be good to see her. I'm going to try to get some more crafts done as well since Christmas will be here soon. Last night I got another scarf's amazing how fast they come together. The one I did last night was cool because I used 2 different yarns together to get a fun look. I need to get my Christmas cards done too, I have all of the materials bought, but haven't sat down to construct them yet...maybe tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Crazy/Beautiful Week

This past week was awesome. I had my favorite aunt from back home and uncle in town, and had the entire week off from work. We spend endless hours shopping, talking and learning how to crochet (me, not my aunt). After learning how to crochet, I highly doubt I will ever knit again, it is just so much easier and quicker to crochet, and I'm hooked on it!

I am about 80 percent done Christmas shopping, although the closer we get to the actual holiday the more I'll buy out of sheer love of buying presents. I already have some people done with, but am having to restrain myself from buying more when I keep finding great stuff!! No one this year wanted any big item, it was more little things, or no ideas at all, so I'm sort of winging it, but I think it will be good. I'm trying to add some home made gifts into everyone presents this year because I have been doing so many project I've been loving and want to share them with everyone!! Only 20-some days left until THE day!!!

Last night we watched the tv movie Noel, with Susan Sarandon and Penolope Cruz. Now, I haven't been such a big fan of Penelope, as sometimes a thick accent just bugs me, but her accent didn't bother me so much, as the fact is she's absolutely perfect! Seriously, the woman is gorgeous, and it's hardly fair for the rest of the women on this plant to have to compare to that! Oh well, I guess she must have her flaws, she couldn't keep Tom Cruise happy....he he.

Tomorrow I'm posting a hilarious picture from the past week...all I can say is I'm holding an animal...with a dirty name.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble Gobble

I'm so blessed to be able to have my family and friends close to me today. It's been rough to have so many people I love so far away, but today some of them will be closer, and I am thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2004

It's nearly vacation

I have all next week off, but I have to work on Monday until noon. I shouldn't say have to, I could have taken the entire day off, but I didn't. Mondays are like hell in my office. I get to work at 7:30 in order to prepare for an 8am meeting. That lasts until about 9:15 at which point I have to print a couple of reports and start tracking down the people that weren't here at 8 for their info. Then at 10 I have a meeting that lasts until about 11:45, and which point I have to start working on a project that easily can take me until 3:00, but I force myself to lunch by 2. I come back, finish the project, start a couple of other random projects and before you know it 6 o'clock is here and I haven't had time to go to the bathroom or anything! So, if I wasn't here on Monday, it would only mean that the following monday was 1000% busier because I would have to do 2 Monday's worth of work in one...and it's so not worth it. I feel efficient and effective on Mondays and sometimes I wonder if everyone around me sees how hard I work sometimes, but when I was telling my boss I was going to be here for half a day on Monday she said "Good, because I'd DIE if you weren't here on Monday to get everything done." Hurray for me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It has begun

Ok, so it's not here yet, but my enthusiasm for it is! I'm seriously considering decorating my house tonight. I bought a couple of presents today and I absolutely cannot wait for the holiday to get here! If you know me, you know how much I love Christmas. It's not quite as nice to open presents without the snow falling outside like it did when I was back in North Dakota, but I can deal...because I'm still opening presents.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Bridget Jones

Elaine and I went to see Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason last night...and although it wasn't as good as the first, it was still pretty funny. Maybe I didn't notice before, but did Bridget walk so strangely in the first movie?? The one-liners in the movie are, watching Hugh Grant and Colin Firth for 2 hours doesn't hurt a girls eyes either.

Friday, November 12, 2004


I haven't had a 'sleepover' in about 10 years. But I remember they were fun and exciting and exhausting, and they gave you the opportunity to just have a good time with your friends. Tonight I will have one of those nights with my friends. Tonight's 'sleepover'; however, will be vastly different than those I had in high school for 1 reason: BOOZE. Not only will there be chocolate and movies and pizza and pajamas and laughing, but there will be booze...and to make that even sweeter, there is a bar directly across the doesn't get any better than that!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yeah for me!

I've always considered myself skilled when it comes to computer programs. I can sit down in front of something I have no clue how to use and within a couple of hours I've got a big portion of it figured out and under control. It's just easy for me. So today I was starting to get frustrated by Bloggers limited templates which don't allow for things to be added unless you know html, which I don't. So after about 10 minutes of research on the web and about 10 minutes of playing with code, I have now added 'Blogs I Love' to the right side of this page....yeah for me!

Um... YUM! Um... GROSS!


This pastry chef has more talent working with desserts than all of the pastry chef's in Seattle combined!! Just check out the watermelon bombe in a sugar BUBBLE!!!

Um... GROSS!

Jones Soda Co., who makes a damn good soda, has come out with a Thanksgiving variety. You must see it to believe.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


My friends and I went to dinner last night to celebrate our friendship over the past year. Over sangria, margaritas and quite possibly the yummiest mexican food in the city we had a fabulous evening. After taking lots of pictures where either one or more of us came off looking like either a whore or a lesbian, we then moved our hilarity over to El Diablo for dessert. Below are some of the more normal pictures from the evening.
Our 1st Anniversary Dinner

Heather, Marisa & Elaine - Thanks for being such great friends over the past year. I love you girls!

Friday, November 05, 2004


This is me. I've been trying for days to find a program that will allow me to post photos on my blog and now I've found one. I'm not trying to be self-loving, but this is the only shot I had of work. More photos to come now that I know I can put them online!!

Internet Dating

Seattle is suppose to be the 5th place place to live for dating, consequently it also has the largest population of online daters. We all know that we do it, cause it's easy and effortless and we can do it all while wearing our pajamas and playing Britney Spears in the background. In fact, the majority of men that we meet actually come from online.

My friend Wade and I have been friends now for about 9 years or so when we met when AOL was just in its infancy. He was a college guy and I was still in high school, but we met up and through a long strange road ended up great friends. So today when I was talking to him over e-mail about dating when he wrote me this little slogan:

Internet subscribtion - 20 buck a month

Birth control - 10 bucks a month

Knowing were to find men - priceless

Ha ha

Reasons to love Photoshop.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Project Interrupted

I used to be great about starting a craft project and finishing it. Over the past couple of years I have found it difficult to finish anything project I start unless it takes 30 minutes or less. Its like I've contracted ADHD for crafts. I used to be able to work on a project for months and have this beautiful project to show for it, and now I have about a dozen of them started that have been in a box collecting dust because I can't seem to put enough effort into them to finish them off. So a couple of days ago I decided I was going to knit a new scarf. Not 10 rows of a scarf, and not put it aside after 3 days, but knit the WHOLE entire thing. Start to under a month. Ok, a challenge I know especially considering the past couple of years. I'm happy to report I have been a knitting fool and with any luck it should continue and at the current pace I'll have a cute new pink scarf by Thanksgiving...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The day after...

The country has spoken and they have spoken the words Bush. I don't know if half of the country is always in a state of mourning after losing an election but it sure seems to be this year. I have heard throughout the day lots of arguments about the election being 'not fair' and 'stolen' and 'mis-managed' but unfortunately regardless of what your views are, or what party you voted for, you need to accept that for the next four years, you have George W. as your President. He won. He won both the electoral votes and the popular vote, which is what I predicted would happen for weeks and weeks.

And if you really hate the last name Bush, don't be so quick to think it's going to diminish after the next 4 years...Jeb in Florida still carried the Bush name.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

Today I voted. I was a little peeved because one of the perks of voting in person instead of via absentee is getting an "I Voted" sticker. So after voting today I was more than a little disappointed to see there were no stickers? Why is that? Lack of money? Lack of planning? How much can those stickers cost anyway? Hopefully you voted today, because if you don't can't bitch.

Monday, November 01, 2004


My Halloween wasn't spooky or scary or filled with ghost or goblins. It was; however, a completely fantastic day spent relaxing with nowhere to go and nothing that had to be done. It's not often you get a chance to spend the day (and I mean the whole day) in such a relaxed state. It was fantastic. It wasn't a trick, but it was a treat (ok, corny I know).

Friday, October 29, 2004

Online Entertainment

Fun Stuff to keep you busy:

Bored at work?

New Words?

Make George Bush look cool.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nightime Wonders

Last night I got a phone call to go out and look at the lunar eclipse. I have always wanted to see an eclipse, but either forget they are going to occur, or not had clear enough skies to see one. Last nights eclipse was awesome and I got to experience that...thank you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Sometimes you just run across a website that can entertain you to no end...

Warning: If you're a bible-holding, cross-hugging, holy water-splashing kind of person, you probobly won't find humor in this: Dress Jesus Up

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I don't get too excited about tv usually. I don't have a lot of time to commit to it between school and friends and family. There are a few shows that I like, and never miss (ok, I make my dad TiVo them so I can watch them later...but still never miss them) like ER. I also like America's Next Top Model because its quite possibly one of the dumbest shows on earth. Its kind of like novocane for the brain.

However, last night I received my first disk from Netflix for the series Nip/Tuck....and OH. MY. GOD. it was awesome!! I was all numbed up from my 2 novocaine shots (not to the brain, but to my mouth) laying on the couch and watching Nip/Tuck. I'm now hooked.

A pet

Imagine having this for a your house!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

When in doubt...Tim Curry

Thank you girls for a fun night last night. For those of you who don't know, Elaine, Marisa, Heather and I have started to have 'Sunday Night Dinners' at each other's houses. Last night we had dinner at Heathers (thank you Heather for giving me another soup I actually like). After dinner we played a movie trivia game and we laughed so hard through it that my throat hurts today...because Tim Curry can be the answer to any question.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

October 24

Happy 56th Birthday Dad!
My dad is one of the most patient, kind, fun, honest, hard-working, best people I know. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet him, you know what I'm talking about.
Thanks for always being there for me,
and for all the great advice you give.'re the best and I love you.
I hope you had a great birthday!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Thursday, October 21, 2004

What will $900 buy you?

2 Pairs of Manolo Blahniks (and a pedicure so your toes look great)
A sofa from Pottery Barn
2 coach tickets to London (and snacks on the plane)
A Gene Juarez Day of Beauty for you and a friend (plus tip)
The Return to Tiffany's necklace, bracelet, ring, cuff links, earrings and keychain.

But the real question is what did I buy today for $900? Nothing FUN like those above that I'd love to have... Nope, I bought a battery, crank sensor, and a power train module for my car. And to top it off, thats not all I'll have to buy. In the next month or so, I'll need 2 rear tires, new bearings on my front wheels and new brakes. Not that I didn't just put brakes on the car 6 months ago or anything. I being punished? I'd rather use that money for fun stuff...not a car that I plan to sell in 12 months! And I swear, if the guy at the dealership calls me one more time to say "Bad News...we need ____" I'm going to LOSE. MY. SHIT.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


In response to Elaine's post...apparantly, we are ALL spinsters as defined by the following definitions:

1. A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
2. A single woman.

My comments to this are: What is the 'convential age', Why are all 'single' women classified as spinsters. Seriously who writes this crap?

In response to Heather's post...the fear or phobia of cats is called Ailurophobia or Felinophobia. Apparently there are clinics and hypnotists that can help you to overcome your fear. Is that a present that you'd like for Christmas? I bet it is...

And to all of you who wondered how my quiz went last night? Let me premise this by saying I was well prepared, memorized what was required and ready to take it...however, my teacher pulled some crazy stuff and tested us on sub-catagories of that which we learned...these were NEVER communicated to us to needless to say, I didn't do too well...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Whats Paldpo? A new fashion designer? A new breed of dog? A virus of some kind? Nope...its the dumb acronym I had to come up with to learn some info for tonights quiz in my finance class. And since I'd love to share that knowledge with all of you (except for Elaine, you probobly know it already)...PALDPO stands for:


Damn finance classes.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Long Time Coming...

and it was...


Friday, October 15, 2004

A Fall Walk

Heather and I went for a walk last night by our house(s). We walked along and looked at all the cool houses with the cool trim and the cool doors and the cool landscaping and the coolness of it all was nearly too much to bear. We walked through about 10 different kind of leaves and saw the biggest leaf I think I've ever seen. It was a nice cool fall night and it was nice to get out and enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Happy Birthday Mom!

I say this to the world to send her good fuzzies, because I know she doesn't read my fact, I've never told her I have a blog. Somethings are just better left unsaid. Either way...happy birthday and I'm sure we'll have a great dinner on Alki.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In a time of crisis:

Thank you for taking me out for chocolate when I'm going a little schizo. The combination of good conversation, fondue, a little retail therapy (ok, not so little: 2 coats, a sweater, a shirt, conditioner, curling iron, 3 cd's, nail polish, a pair of shoes and a pack of gum) and the purchase of a new book today helped me to put a little perspective on the situation.

And yes ladies, when I'm done reading the book we can PASS. IT. AROUND.

Monday, October 11, 2004



  • I should no longer be allowed to take my cell phone with me on a date.
  • The sound of Marisa's "Whaaaaaaaat?" is stuck in my head today.
  • Cashmere truly is one of the best things on earth.
  • I'm leaving work and hour and a half early, going for a walk and a swing.
  • My new purse is fabulous.
  • I love this new restaurant.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Can't Hardly Wait.

I've been waiting for Raise Your Voice to be in the theatres for months and months. Thank you to Heather, Elaine and Marisa who have listen to me sing the song in the trailer endless times. I know its stupid to be 26 and like Hillary Duff movies, but I simply can't help myself. The same goes for singing the song in the C2 commericial.

Other random thoughts...

Marisa used the word 'boobies' once too many yesterday....don't know why, but the word freaks me out. Boobs is ok, so are brests..just not 'boobies'.

The Banana's Foster last night at Firefly was straight-up awesome....yum!

I'm so overly glad it's Friday I cannot even begin to tell you.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


So I went shopping for new pants because I have a couple that are just getting boring to wear and a little big. I know I've been eating at home a lot more lately, but my has it paid off...I bought new pants today...and bought them a size smaller...HELL. YEAH.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Blissful Learning

Last night, although my class was dull as recycled paper, it was positive. I've teamed up with a learning team that is going to email throughout the week rather than have a face-to-face meeting every week, which as you know, is a total waste of my time. Thank god there are finally people who understand what its like actually work and go to school for the past couple of years...and knowing that you dont need to look at somebody in the face to work together!!

So...I talked to the quarterly last night and he didn't mention going out this week which is driving me bonkers since he mentioned it Saturday and I told him I'd let him know what my schedule is. I know I should be more aggressive, but you know what. I don't want to be. I don't mind if it takes awhile for him to ask me out because he's great and funny and I don't have my hopes up, but if he asks, that'd be great. So hopefully he will call tonight to schedule something...but if he doesn't its ok 'cause I got stuff to do.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back to School

Back to School.........

I've had a 6 week break and I hardly remember what it feels like to have to sit for 4 hours and listen to some guy drone on and on about whatever it is he's talking about. Why did I have to choose business? Why couldn't I have chosen interior decorating or something fun? I could look at paint swatches and wood stains and floorplans all night....seriously. But how many interior decorators do you know that make any real money? NOT. MANY. Most are just dumb girls that want to be like 'Tiffany Briggs Design Incorporated' and have their own business when its just some chick in her garage with a phone calling herself a corporation.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Thar she blows!

Mt. St. Helen's erupted today...if you can really call that an eruption. I was all excited for lava and ash and flying boulders...but all that happened was a little wussy steam and that was it...can you imagine my disappointment!! They've been hyping this for a week!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sunny's Favorite Things

Here's the latest edition of Sunny's favorite things:

Dryel - I was skeptical at first...but 11 dollars later and 30 minutes of my time...I'm a believer.

Franco Sarto - Quite possibly the most comfortable, yet stylish work shoes and boots I own.

Netflix - I've just rejoined and I love it.

Zebra Sarsa - Awesome easy to write with gel pens that come in cool colors like like, denver blue, burgundy and forest green.

Siemens SL56 - My new cell phone. Its tiny...and that's great.

DuWop Hands 2 Hair - The coolest styling aid ever.

Afterglow - The new CD by Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Shameless male affection

So...driving on I-90, going to work. When I do my hair in the morning I always tuck it inadvertantly behind my ears, but during my drive I pull it back in front so it lays flat. So I had just come out of the I-90 tunnel before I hit the bridge and I was untucking it and kind of straightening my hair with my hands. I look over and here is this guy in a great red Porche and he smiled, mouthed 'looks good' and gave me a thumbs up. Ahhh...the way some shamelss male affection can make your day. Especially when that guy is a driving a porche.

Oh and update for those of you tracking...'quarterly' called me last night. No lie...I nearly died of a heart attack. The pattern was so I have no idea whats going on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Paper Monkey

My job is great... Sometimes it's hectic. Sometimes it's boring. Sometimes it's awesome. And sometimes I turn magically from the brilliant multi-tasker that I think I am, into a paper-pushing monkey. Today is one of those days.

We have an open house coming up which I have had to order invitations, hire caterers, hire musicians, hire entertainment, deal with building management issues, and just general chaos. I can understand why people hire wedding and party planners. Its fun, but my GOD does it take time.

Today I spent the bulk of my day stuffing invitations (I can't remember seeing that in my job description anywhere). I also got to run to the florist, run to the drug store and guess what...I get to take home more invitations to stuff tonight. Fabulous.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Dental Fun

So I went to the dentist today. Not an overall bad experience, but I picked this dentist because when I typed 'Seattle dentist spa' into google, up came the name of this dentist....Her office was awesome, staff were nice. I knew I had a couple of cavaties that I needed they sat me down...apparently she charges 450 per cavity for plastic fillings or 1650 for glass fillings....OH. MY. GOD!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!

My old dentist in Seattle charged not per tooth, but how many surfaces on the tooth were affected, ranging from 150-290 per tooth....and then they would only make me pay the 20% up front because they kept track of how much insurance I had left knowing that they would pay 80%. Not this place...they wanted it, up front. lets see....if I had 3 fillings at 450, that 1350 up front for plastic, or 3 glass fillings for 4950. Thats half of what some new cars cost!!!!!

Needless to say...I'll be shopping for a new dentist.

Friday, September 24, 2004


This weekend is going to be busy...but in good ways.

Tonight: Dinner and Movie w/ Marisa & Heather
Saturday: Unpacking more of my stuff and helping Elaine unpack and paint her new house
Sunday: Washer/dryer getting delivered and either brunch or dinner with 'the quarterly'

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Inch by Inch

So last night on my drive home Marisa called and we were having a conversation about guys and height. She said to me "Well he's kind of short...he's only 5 foot 9." Um HELLO! Sure, 5 foot 9 isn't tall, but when you're 5 foot 5, thats 4 inches taller than you are. As Heather said, it isn't fair because shorter girls have more options! It's true...lets do some math. Let say that there are 100 guys equally distributed between the height of 5 foot 5 and 6 f00t 2. And lets just see if you only dated someone your height or taller, how many choices you would have (assuming all guys are straight and interested in you).

Marisa (5 foot 5) : 100 Guy Options
Elaine (5 foot 7): 80 Guy Options
Heather (5 foot 8): 70 Guy Options
Sunny (5 foot 9): 60 guy Options

Why oh WHY do we have to live in a city with so many short men????

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another Pro and Con List

It's been awhile, so here's another Pro and Con list...regarding paint:

-Can inexpensively change the look and feel of a room for the better.
-Is relatively easy to apply, and is easily changeable.
-What else for about 20.00 can an entire room in about 2 hours?

-Paint is a BITCH to clean out of dried carpet. (or at least I'm assuming it is because Bob Villa's website says so and because thats on the agenda for me tonight at my old apartment because I have to turn in the keys and if it doesn't come out because I was painting WAY too late one night and kicked over the paint bucket, I'm going to be really REALLY ticked off!) --and now I step off my soap box.

All I can say, is thank GOD that my new place is already painted a wonderful color and I dont have to worry about painting problems any more. Oh Elaine...I promise when we paint your bedroom this weekend, I wont get any on the carpet, and if I do...I'll know how to get it out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Strange & Odd

Ok...this is an odd bit of news...but what can happen when you keep family and friends at a distance? This happens.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Moving Day!!!

I am moving tomorrow from gangsta-ghetto-trashy Federal Way, to the lovely, charming, gorgeous Queen Anne neighborhood and I can hardly wait! I cant wait to look around my new apartment and revel in the fact that I am merely 3 blocks away from: Starbucks, Tully's, Jamba Juice, Noahs, The Paragon, Safeway, Queen Anne Cafe, The Gelateria (OH. MY. GOD. Homemade Gelato 3 blocks away....thank goodness I'm moving when its turning cold and not in the height of summer!). I can't wait to walk around and get to know my new neighborhood.

I signed my lease last night and my landlord was all too happy to point out that there is a single guy living in the upstairs of the house and a single pharmacist living in the bright yellow house next door....hmmm. Heather says not to date those you: work with, live with or at the same I guess the RX next door is off limits.

Thank you in advance to those of you who are helping me move...moving sucks, but hopefully it will go smoothly and there will be no rain!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Ex Factor

I have had 4 major long term relationships in my life, and I only keep in touch with one of them...and you all know who that is. He and I don't talk on the phone a lot because for whatever reason it doesn't get akward, but it gets hard, because even though we've been apart for 2 years now there are still some pretty strong feelings (at least on my side, and I'm pretty sure his). We have lived our lives seperately now with little contact except the occasional e-mail or visit when I go home.

We talked on the phone last night and had a real conversation, and it was nice. We joked around like old times and it was good to rememeber what that felt like. I know everyone says I shouldn't talk to him or see him, but I want to. I'd rather he be in my life in whatever capacity, than not in it.

He's the guy that used to come home after a gruling 14 hour day, wake me up, put his head on my stomach and we'd talk for an hour just to catch up and he'd make me 2am...and it was great. He used to buy me dumb presents like a talking Crocodile Hunter keychain because he knew I'd laugh at it. He gave me dumb nicknames, but I loved them. He'd play the best air bass and air guitar and had a love for music that was just awesome. We used to chase each other around the kitchen in our socks and pajama pants and those days with him were some of the very best times of my life.

Monday, September 13, 2004

100 - A Hundred - 100

This is my 100th post...sort of a mini-blogging milestone!! I have to say that blogging is a great outlet...its theraputic, and allows you to inform the general population on whatever you deem suitable to put on your blog. What did we do before blogs? Write in a journal? I'll tell you what, every year as a child I made a pact that I would keep a journal...because how incredibly COOL would that be to look back years later on how fun my life was....well to say that least I've probobly had 20 journal entried in my entire life, and usually only after something depressing such as a break up or what-not. Needless to say, I see those entries years later, read them and then throw them away because who wants to relive bad moments in time? And I'm always freaked out that someone I'm dating will find a journal, read it and then be ticked off at what I've wrote.

So here's to my 100th post...

Friday, September 10, 2004


I have 5 days left to commute from Federal Way....thank GOD because I can't hardly stand it anymore!!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A place to call home

Well I've found it. A new apartment. Not the typical cookie-cutter apartment that I've always lived in. No sir...this apartment has character and charm and everything I've always wanted. I always used to LOVE going to Heather's house because her apartment is cool...its got charm (I'm talking painted exposed concrete, diamond pained windows, pottery-barn chic CHARM!). Now I'll be in a full-of-charm apartment in about a week and a half with everything I wanted. A one-bedroom/one-bath, extra storage room apartment on Queen Anne. And to top that off, its only 3 blocks from Heather and 7 blocks from Erin...also 3 blocks from Starbucks, Jamba Juice, endless restaurants...YEAH!!!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

I for one am looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend. Of course this means that when I go to work next week...5 days of work gets pushed into 4, but I'll live. It should be a nice weekend. The girls and I are going to see Vanity Fair tonight which I am totally excited about. I got a haircut today and am getting it colored tomorrow and that always makes me feel good. Heather B-day part is tomorrow at Chopstix...


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Apartment Hunting

Tonight the search begins. Please cross your fingers and wish me luck and hopefully the first apartment I view will be THE ONE. It sounds great, in a fabulous location, decent price and I need to find something fun and unique...please let this be it, if there is a god that loves me in heaven. This week has been amazingly wonderful with getting my 1st week of pay finally (10 weeks late), my tuition reimbursment, ordered a new cell phone after mine died, and just general good stuff.

Update to come tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


It sucks

Today I very patiently waited on I-405 for approximatly 20 minutes when I couldn't tolerate being at a DEAD STOP any longer. I pulled into the car pool lane and zipped the last 8 miles to work in 10 minutes flat. I've never done that before, but this morning I just A) Didn't want to wait and B) Didn't want to be late. So bless me for I have sinned...I used the carpool lane with only myself in the car.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


His name is PRINCE... and he is funky!! Marisa and I had the excellent fortune of scoring box seats to the Prince concert last night at Key Arena (thanks Marisa). OH. MY. GOD. It was awesome! Now I'm a girl who has seen Prince live before, but last night blew the other concert out of the water. Last night was upbeat, and then he pulled out his acoustic guitar and did a long set of classics like Little Red Corvette and Cream....acoustically....and thats awesome!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Funnest Move Ever

This past Saturday Marisa moved from her old apartment to a her new, huge, oh-my-god-can-you-BELIEVE-how-much-bigger-it-is-apartment!

Of course the original plan included myself, Marisa, Heather and Elaine, but Elaine and Heather had plans for wedding (not their own, and not the same) so it was just Marisa and I. We made quick work out of the move and in just over 3 1/2 hours we were DONE! After about 5 she was totally unpacked and settled.

Not only was the dolly she rented a total GODSEND, but we had a pretty good time during it all. She gave me the cutest goodie bag with an US magazine, book, hair clips and a plethera of other goodies (I bet y'all wished you would have helped now!!).

So thank you Marisa for making the day fun..or as fun as moving can be :)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Technological Wonder

What takes either:

65 days
1560 hours
93,600 minutes
5,616,000 sec0nds

to create?

My work e-mail. It's officially here. Amazing. I can hardly believe it. It's like living in the real world more paper memos, no more lengthy voicemails, no more tracking down people on foot.

Let me just say...the feeling is incredible.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Tonight is my LAST class with classmates that I HATE. I don't often use the word hate, but HATE I DO! They are people who don't see value in others, and it drives me bonkers to talk to them. I feel like I've walked into a WHITE TRASH CONVENTION whenever I have to be around them. Part of being in a class 'peer' group is to be around your peers, but they are people I would never associate in real life, had I the choice.

So to my group...good riddance...may you now be able to focus your odd and mis-calculated ideas on someone else....I'm SO GLAD to be away from you all!

--I dont often lose my shit...but they drive me nuts.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lack of Interest of Lack of Time?

I used to do a lot. Not to say that working full-time and finishing up school isn't a lot, but I used to have things I liked to do...a lot. Lately over the last year I haven't done much of anything. I've been pressed for time much of each week between working, commuting, studying, going to class, being social and visiting family. I started to think (during my nearly 2-hour nightmare commute this morning)...where did all of my interest go? Here are some things I used to LOVE doing, but rarely ever partake in them anymore:

  1. Dancing-- (clubs, classes, in front of my bathroom mirror...doesn't matter, I love it)
  2. Rollerblading-- (flying around on wheels...excellent)
  3. Crafts-- (specifically cross-stitch, stamping, sewing and beading)
  4. Piano-- (the love of my life...but no piano anymore)
  5. Working Out-- (used to teach 10 aerobics classes a week and now I hardly ever work out)
  6. Swinging-- (no, not sleeping with random people, but being on a swing in a's a great stress reliever)
  7. Cuddling-- (no cuddling)

So..what should I do about it? Here's the plan:

1. Dancing - enroll in a class

2. Rollerblade - try to get in a few times while the weather is still good

3. Crafts - on the back burner for now...time really doesn't allow

4. Piano - I have a keyboard, I'm going to see if that will make me feel better

5. Working Out - 2 times a week to start until my schedule slows down

6. Swinging - next time I see a swing...I'm on it!

7. Cuddling - Oh soon I hope!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ass Cold

Elaine, Marisa and I went to the ocean yesterday. I've been in Seattle 2 years and up until yesterday had never seen the Washington coast. We left under overcast skies with the hopes it would either clear up or stay the same....but it rained. And not just a little, but a LOT. Big FAT rain! We didn't stay long because of the weather, but had a good time despite it all.

Friday, August 20, 2004


It's something I need. Lately I feel as if I've been doing everything but taking care of me, so this weekend should be good.

Tonight I am meeting the girls for dinner here.

Then we are going to this movie.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get a 90-minute european facial here.

After my facial the girls and I are planning on going to the ocean here. I havent been to the ocean since I've moved here, which is really sad.

During my car ride, I plan to take naps and read this.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Adding Up

Sometimes it's necessary to share a personal philosophy with the world. A friend (and you know who you are) and I were having a discussion last night about sexual partners. We are both well aware of our 'number' and we were talking about when to add or not add to that number. For instance:

Lets say you are with #4 for a couple of months, and then you break up and find #5 after a short while. Number five is great, but doesn't work out so you part ways as friends. Then you decide after a couple of months that that #5, while YUMMY, was not boyfriend material still is YUMMY enough to help occupy your lonely bed for awhile. So do you count him as #5 and #6 or just #5. When does adding experiences finally add up? (I know, thats VERY Carrie Bradshaw)

We agreed that he stays just #5; however, I had a little moment of clarity last night. So lets say you buy a bag of BBQ chips (or whatever junk food you like), you eat that bag and then days later buy another bag, and eat another bag. Although it's the same chip, you still ate TWO bags and shouldn't that count for something?

Counting...and new math

Sometimes it's necessary to share a personal philosophy with the world. A friend (and you know who you are) and I were having a discussion last night about sexual partners. We are both well aware of our 'number' and we were talking about when to add or not add to that number. For instance:

Lets say you are with #4 for a couple of months, and then you break up and find #5 after a short while. Number five is great, but doesn't work out so you part ways as friends. Then you decide after a couple of months that that #5, while YUMMY, was not boyfriend material still is YUMMY enough to help occupy your lonely bed for awhile. So do you count him as #5 and #6 or just #5. When does adding experiences finally add up?

We agreed that he stays just #5; however, I had a little moment of clarity last night. So lets say you buy a bag of BBQ chips (or whatever junk food you like), you eat that bag and then days later buy another bag, and eat another bag. Although it's the same chip, you still ate TWO bags and shouldn't that count for something?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I love fashion. Always have, and always will. I was voted best dressed in high school. I like keeping up with new trends, although do not feel the need to follow all of them. You should follow trends if the compliment your personal style, and if they look good on you.

Today I'm trying out a new 'trend', which is pinning an interesting pin or broach to your sweater in a unique spot. I'm wearing mine about 5 inches from the bottom of my sweater off a couple of inches from the middle of my body. Its a beautiful aquarmarine broach that I inherited from my gramdma and I love it. You can see the trend I'm talking about here.

Recently I bought a poncho that I love, although I've only worn in a couple of times. Its a fun piece to have. I know it'll be out of style in a few months, but it was a fun summer piece that only cost me 10.00.

There are trends that should never be in point: tailored jeans with zippered bottoms....YUCK! What awful designer decided to bring that back after 15 years??? It was awful the first time around, it looks bad on everyone except supermodels (and even then a tad funny).

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's all about him...and some random stuff.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Timo. For those of you who don't know, Timo is one of my new co-workers and someone I go to when I need to laugh or bitch (I never do that...right). We do some not-so-fun tasks like cleaning large storage areas, but we make it fun by laying on thick midwestern accents and singing random songs. Everyone needs a Timo in their office.

On to random news:

--My second date tonight with the virgin. You can all start laughing now as its SO funny, and 'How COULD I corrupt someone so innocent'...let me tell I can...and I just might.

--After 9 weeks...and many hours of bitching to those around me (read above) I now have health benefits under the new division of my company. Needless to say, that doesn't go without a whole other set of mathematical difficulties on their part, but regardless...I'm covered!

--I decided to move my strawberry jelly back to the kitchen, instead of the fridge literally attached to my desk, as otherwise I have to carry it back and forth in order to make lunch. We'll see how long it takes my apparently VERY hungry co-workers to eat it.

--The season finale of Summerland is on tonight and I couldn't be happier! (Ok, well I could be, but whatever) That show is cheesy as all get-out, but entertaining.

Monday, August 16, 2004

A great loss

My great grandmother, Bregida, passed away on Saturday at the age of 99. She was a woman who was honest, spiritual, humble, hard-working, caring, joyous and gave one of the best hugs in the world. She tought me so many things througout my childhood and life and many parts of who I am today are because of her. Rarely do you get to ever meet a great grandparent, but I was lucky enough to spend 26 years in her presence.
In her memory is this poem that reminds me of her by e. e. cummings.
i am a little church(no great cathedral)
far from the splendor and squalor of hurrying cities
-i do not worry if briefer days grow briefest,
i am not sorry when sun and rain make april
my life is the life of the reaper and the sower;
my prayers are prayers of earth's own clumsily striving
(finding and losing and laughing and crying)children
whose any sadness or joy is my grief or my gladness
around me surges a miracle of unceasingbirth and glory and death and resurrection:
over my sleeping self float flaming symbols
of hope,and i wake to a perfect patience of mountains
i am a little church(far from the franticworld with its rapture and anguish)
at peace with nature-i do not worry if longer nights grow longest;
i am not sorry when silence becomes singing
winter by spring,i lift my diminutive spire to
merciful Him Whose only now is forever:
standing erect in the deathless truth of His presence
(welcoming humbly His light and proudly His darkness)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Bad day

I had a bad day, I'm not going into it...but the day was bad, and now I have the song "Bad Day" by Fuel stuck in my head. Below are the lyrics:

Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again.
She spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace.
Smeared the lipstick on her face.
Slammed the door and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."
And she swears there's nothing wrong I hear her playing that same old song
She puts me off and puts me on
And had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note that said, "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Make-up Counter

Ah, the joys of being a woman. One of those great joys is going to the make-up counter. If you're lucky enough to have a M.A.C. counter in your city, then you will really be able to relate to this. When I was living in Fargo, they didn't have a M.A.C. counter, and therefor I had to e-mail my dad my make-up orders and he would go to the one in Seattle, and ship it back to me. Now that I'm here I can do that all by myself! (dont I feel so grown up).

I've been wearing M.A.C. since I was 18, so for 8 years now, and love it. The foundation is a powder, it goes on nicely, covers well, is moderately priced (if 25.00 is moderate) and lasts a decent amount of time. I have changed 'colors' 4 times now, it seems that every time I go to the counter the saleswoman has a different idea of exactly which 'color' I am...I have fair skin, with pink undertones, and it shouldn't be that hard to narrow down, but I've had foundations from 4 different color zones now, which baffles me because how is that possible? I dont change colors, I'm pretty much never tan on my face, and I havent suddenly become a difference race.

Anyway, at M.A.C. if you bring in 6 empty containers of theirs, they will give you a free lipstick (add that up at 25.00 a compact and its 150.00 for a free 10.00 lipstick...yeah, but deal), but I went with my 6, and waited FOREVER for someone to help me. Me, the girl who has 150.00 worth of evidence needs help, not that person in the makeup chair looking for a free 'lesson' on eyeshadow (when really she just probobly is going out with her friends or boyfriend that night). So I proceed to purchase another 25.00 compact, get my free lipstick (shade called 'Syrup') and be on my way. 25 minutes it took...pathetic....oh the price of beauty!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What to write

I've been feeling challenged on what to write in my blog lately. Maybe my mental/writing block has to do with lack of time. I'm still only working 40-45 hours a week on average, and going to school 2 nights a week, but I'm commuting about 2 hours a day or more and it's starting to take its toll, as expected. I'm sick of the CD's in my car, the Starbucks in the lobby of my building is getting way too much of my business, I'm out of foundation, the payroll situation is still not worked out, the one great player the Mariners had retired this week, my fingernails are breaking like crazy, and I really need to kiss a boy!! All random complaints I know, but concerns nonetheless!

Monday, August 09, 2004


This weekend was a little bit of's a list of what went on:

Plans to go to SeaFair, but didn't because of weather.
Went to the IHOP instead.
Then went to get Marisa's eyebrows waxed.
Decided to look at an apartment for Marisa.
I wanted out of Bellevue so we drove to Seattle.
Drove by a house that Elaine was intereted in.
We called Heather to discuss matters (you know which)
I wanted to stop at a dog park and pretend we had a dog.
Then we went to the waterfron at Golden Gardens park.
We then drove through Kenmore and Lake Forest park on our way to Kirkland.
We hung out at the water for a bit.
Then we went to the movie Before Sunset (ARGH!!!!!! that ending!!!!)
Marisa wanted to relax at her house for awhile.
Read US weekly
Heather called and we decided to go to Ozzies for Karaoke.
Marisa didn't want to go, but elaine and I (ok, mostly I) made her.
We smashed...Marisa met Navy boys.
Heather and I sang Ice Ice Baby.
The history.

Sunday my dad, step-mom and I went to Anacortes, which was fun because I had never been there. They had a cool art fair, so we walked around, I got corn on the cob and relaxed with my dad.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A little Wednesday-morning Ditty

I am driving up...
I-5 in the...
kind of morning that...
lasts all afternoon...
just stuck inside the gloom...and traffic that never ends...and made my commute 40 minutes longer than it normally is...and crazy drivers who don't use their blinkers...and buses that run you over trying to change lanes...when their next stop isn't for miles and miles...

And I get to work...
grab a glass...
to fill with ice from...
the ice maker...but all the our fabulous under-cabinet mounted ice now one solid frozen block...because someone can't figure out shut the door...and the ice melts together...and I have to take the time to dump it out....into the sink...and pour hot water over it doesnt take up the whole sink...

I bet the rest of the day has to be just GREAT in order to make up for this morning.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


It's the first week in August and the gloomy sky today reminds me of the middle of October. Normally this time of year we have what's called a 'Marine' layer that makes the skies cloudy and murky until about noon or so and then it 'burns' off and the day is beautiful after that. No such luck today.

I've been eating outside in a courtyard next to my building during lunch and today I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich and a magazine and went there to relax and have lunch. I FROZE! Not only is it gloomy, but it's cold! Now I'm not complaining too loundly, as 80 degree weather here makes for REALLY miserable nights in my apartment, but c'mon, this is crazy!

Ok...enough whining for today.

Marisa...thanks for making me feel better. Moving always sucks and it always costs a zillion dollars and thank you for making me relax about it all.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Things that Suck and Don't Suck

Things that Suck:
  • Apartment hunting
  • Getting up at 6a.m. on a Monday
  • Sheet marks on newly painted fingernails

Things that Don't Suck:

  • Napoleon Dynamite for the 2nd time, with alternate ending
  • Bourne Supremecy (and Matt Damon in general)
  • A free $100.00 dinner

Friday, July 30, 2004

Business-Casual Friday

I'm wearing khaki pants today, and it's the most dressed-down I've been all week.  I've only worn jeans twice in the past 2 weeks.  It's amazing going into a store now because I gravitate towards work clothes rather than 'fun' clothes.  Old Navy is less-than-interesting any more, because I cant wear 95 percent of it to work!!!  The idea of denim capri's, t-shirts and flip-flops just don't factor into my Monday-Friday apparel anymore, and isn't that just kind of sad?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"Think of it like a savings account"

I have been at my new job for 6 weeks now.  I love it.  I mean I LOVE IT.  It's great.  I love what I do, and the people I work with, and the office I work in, and the area I work in.  Everything is great.  There is one minor hiccup.  Do I really work here?  Over the past few weeks we have been fighting our employee services people because according to them I dont work here.  But I'm here everyday.  Whats the problem?  Apparently, because I was transferred from within the company and didn't start as a 'new hire' paperwork that is submitted for me keeps getting rejected and it's been one hiccup after another. 

The good thing is I'm getting paid; however, still out of my old division.  The bad thing is I'm not getting paid correctly.  I'm missing a week of pay, 5 weeks of the difference between my old wage and my new one, and 20 hours of overtime...which I can't touch, because I cant get paid for it!  They keep telling me its coming and my favorite line so far is "Think of it like a savings account.  You'll get it, you just can't spend it yet."  Great.  Oh well, when it does come, I'm gonna be rich! :)

Oh and by the way...I LOVE MY JOB!!!


Monday, July 26, 2004

Do you want your tots?

Marisa, Elaine and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite over the weekend.  Hands down it was the best movie I've seen all year, and maybe even the year before.  It's been awhile since I've wanted to not only recite every line from a movie, but also see the movie over and over again.  So all I have to say is:

Do you want your tots?


Get your own!

I have a chat room meeting at 4.

I could make 150.00 in like 5 seconds.

No!  You feed Tina!

I'd say we're pretty serious, we're up to chatting for like two hours everyday.

This one tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.

I could go on forever...just go see it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mental Blur

This week has been Crazy...with a capital 'C'.  Moving offices, different hours, economics final, etc.  Some things have made me giggle today though...
I e-mailed the guy that I went on a few dates with earlier this year, that I stopped dating because he refused to wear deodorant.  I am NOT planning on dating him again, but I was bored...and he actually wrote back.  Seriously, sometimes I just like to test people.  Why would he want to talk to someone who told him he smells?
A co-worker said to me:  "I'm still trying to place you're accent."  Ok...apparently I don't sound so much like I just stepped off a flight direct from Minneapolis! :)
The same co-worker today had this box full of little plastic bunnies.  On the bottom of each one is a little phrase like "I'm not listening"...however, the best one is "You're ugly.  And that's sad." 
Hee Hee Hee

Sunday, July 18, 2004


I just found out that I can now change my font and font font-tacular is that. 
Had the family birthday party yesterday which was fun.  Thank you Marisa and Elaine for being my 'dates' for the afternoon. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Work Ethic

I'm from the Midwest, and people from that area of the country are generally known for having a 'strong work ethic'. I have heard employers say in their hiring process that they look for people from the Midwest because of this trait. It means that you have a job to work, you show up on time, you leave when you are suppose to, you don't take 2 hour lunches, you do your work and you put some pride into it. Now of course there are people from the Midwest who don't work hard, but for the greater population, it's just a way of life. I have a strong work ethic, its just part of who I am.

So you can imagine my suprise when I have co-workers who don't show up until after 10 and then leave at 4, and it just leaves me dumbfounded because how does that add up to a full 8 hours? I would never in my wildest dreams be able to do that...I'd feel guilty, and dishonest..I mean they are PAYING you to WORK for 8 hours a really, SHOULDN'T YOU WORK?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Happy Sweet 16 Jerica!

Holy COW was I tired last night. I had a class meeting (don't even get me started), then I went home, read a couple of chapters in a book and promtly fell asleep for an hour and a half. I woke up, watched "Who Wants to Marry My Dad" (DUMB) and then spied on my neighbors having a HUGE fight in the parking lot. OH. MY. GOD! I am surrounded by white trash! So when I finally did try to go to sleep I couldn't, thanks to the nap. So I lay awake thining of the most random crap, like mentally sorting through my clothes in the closet of what I need to throw out, when really I should just get up and do it, because I'm CERTAINLY NOT SLEEPING! It must be that I'm getting older and need less sleep. I used to be able to sleep in until 10, take a 2 hour nap in the late afternoon and still go to bed early...not anymore. And I know my cats think my lack of sleep is hilarious, because I'm trying to sleep and there they are sound asleep on the floor, plotting in their little kitty-dreamed filled heads how they will pounce on me 5 minutes after I'm asleep just because they can.

Monday, July 12, 2004

I think I'm in Love...

With John Mayer!!! Heather, Elaine, Marisa and I went to see him last night at the White River Ampitheatre for my birthday (woo-hoo 26). He was AWESOME!! He played all the songs I love (and all the ones that Marisa "oh my god I LOVE this song" loves). The ampitheatre was awesome, our seats were smack in the center with a perfect view. I was rockin' my new poncho and sunglasses and it was the perfect end to a perfect b-day.

I got spoiled with presents from my friends and family (you guys are AWESOME)! I can't wait to put them all to good use.

A birthday is just another day, but a birthday with those that you love around you (or calling from 1000 miles away) is what makes the day great.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hey Hey

It's my Birthday!!! More to come...

Friday, July 09, 2004


My mom took me out to dinner last night for my birthday, and she asked me if I had been dating anyone. And I looked at her and said, "And when do I have time for that?". It's true. I would love to date someone, but I feel like after school and work and my friends and family, I have like zero time left over...maybe I'll meet someone in the same boat and then we can spend our little bit of time together?

2 days out from my 26th birthday (no longer early twenties) and now wondering:

Do I need to use eye cream...every night?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I've got a year left and that feels great. I know I havent had a break in 2 years, and thats ok, but sometimes school crap just puts me OVER THE EDGE. Now mind you I had about 6 chapters and 2 papers to write for class tonight, not to mention the 6 chapters that are due EVERY week in this class. Oh no. So I have to meet with my 'team' once a week to work on a team assignment, although this week we switched our meeting day because of the holiday. Now that would normally be fine, but I had plans I made months ago for last night so I couldnt go to the meeting. Instead, in advance mind you, advised that I wouldnt be there; however, to let me know what part/section to do and I WOULD DO IT. But I get the draft of the paper (one 1 1/2 pages mind you) without my name on it. WHAT THE HELL!!! I'm there every meeting and do whatever is asked of me...I told you in advance, this isn't Kindergarten...chill the F--K out people!!!

Monday, July 05, 2004


Marisa and I spent a good hour freezing before we got to enjoy the awesome fireworks display in downtown Bellevue. It's amazing how small you feel under a huge sky filled with fireworks. You look around you and notice all of these faces turned towards the sky in awe and wonder, because could there be anything more beautiful than colors dancing across the sky (and set to music)? Regardless of age, I will never fail to be amazed that how COOL fireworks are. :)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

The 4th

Happy 4th to everyone I know and love.

Friday, July 02, 2004


I love beauty products. I do. That includes hair care, nail care, makeup, hair accesories, skin care, perfume etc. At what point do you open up your drawers filled with these items and go "I now have enough"? Does that point ever come?

Last night I bought shave gel (not like i don't have 3 already, but it was a new scent). I also bought some spray for your hair to use on the 2nd day after you wash it to 'revitalize' and 'energize' your hairstyle, so you don't have to over wash. I also bought some frizz creme, although I woulnt never consider my hair to be frizzy. Also there was some cuticle scrub purchased, and had to hold myself back on a new nail polish and some gold hair powder mean 'to accentuate shine'.

And y'all already know I have a thing about having multiple different deororants at all times. :)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Awww...uh-huh...isn't that nice

Things that have given me the warm fuzzies the last couple of days:

Car flirting with shamelessly young (but still legal) men.

Endless kudos from my boss and new staff members on my talents and achievements (yes, apparently I have achievements).

Gas being less than 2.00...finally!

Bellevue Square...3 blocks away.

Sourcing a resume with Seattle spelled wrong...he he he. (Thats a great way to get in the door buddy!)

Dinner with friends the next 2 nights in a row!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


My lunch hour has quickly become such a WONDERFUL part of my day. Now don't get me wrong, I love love LOVE my new job, but being just a few blocks from an awesome park, Belle Square and countless other places is just awesome. Everyone in downtown Bellevue walks around on their lunch hour, so it is nice to be able to get out and stretch my legs in the afternoon (not to mention see cute men as well)! Today I went to Belle Square and had lunch, shopped around a little bit and still had 10 minutes to spare on my fabulous is that?

Monday, June 28, 2004


The new job is great, everyone is SO nice, I like what I do, and I cant wait to go to work in the morning.

The trip home was nice, good to see everyone, but like always, sad to leave and plenty of tears cried.

School feel like a hole I can't dig myself out of this week, 3 papers by wednesday! YIKES!

Friday, June 25, 2004

The Ex

I'm at his house. quiet.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Equinox--Full Frontal

Yesterday the girls and I went to see the parade in Fremont to celebrate the equinox. The 'highlight' of the parade were naked people riding on bikes, painted every color of the rainbow, and being cheered on by all of the parade-goers. I couldn't believe all of the children that were allowed to watch this right from their strollers on the curb. Can you say THERAPY? Now I'm all for feeling good about the human body, and to not feel ashamed, but when you're under the age of 5, and 'Superman' comes up to you and says "Don't forget to brush you're teeth", you might think thats cool...except that superman is only PAINTED like superman...every inch of him painted.

Oh a side note, as a 25 year old woman, I have to say that public nakedness on such a day doesn't bother me, and some of the men wearing kilts yesterday were HOT...Elaine and Marisa, you know why.

Today is Fathers Day. Happy Fathers day to my are the best guy in my life. Oh, and thanks for taking me look at naked superman-bicycle riders growing up. :)

Friday, June 18, 2004

Gifts a'plenty

Today was my last day at work. The people I work with are amazing...they are kind and thoughtful and generous, especially so today! I got into work to a festive, decorated desk. They had a good luck banner for me and lots of presents. I have 3 bouquets of flowers around me, and have gorged myself on donuts, brownies and frappuchinos all day! I'm going to miss it here...not the kind of work, but the people I work with. Monday starts a new chapter: Goodbye Casual, hello Professional Aspenchick :)

To my co-workers: Thank you for making my 2 years here amazing and wonderful. You welcomed me into your office, allowed me to enjoy your company and have taught me so much. I feel like I have a room full of sisters and mothers I'm leaving behind (and a couple brothers), and will be ever-thankful for all that you have given me.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Curly 'do

I have straight hair, but sometimes I like to curl it. I feel kind of 'zingy' and 'peppy' when I curl it. My hair can only retain a curl if I dont wash it that day, and use a good dose of hair spray on it. So today I curled it and in turn felt zingy and peppy.

A coworker said to me "You have Bellevue hair." and I replied "Bellevue hair? Is that rich hair?" and she said "No, like you just got back from sleeping 'over' in Bellevue" and I was like "Oh my god, do I have 'panties in my back pocket' hair?!" and she just laughed. So apparently I'm not only zingy, peppy, but also slutty with this hair.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Downward Slope

I've passed the middle of the week...I've got 17 hours of this jobs left. Which leaves me:

"How long with it take me to build up the color pink in my 'professional' wardrobe?" (for those of you who know me...I'm addicted to wearing pink)

"Will my CD collection become boring as hell after a couple of weeks of the long commute?" (hate morning radio)

"Brown bag lunch, or eat out..."

"How to break it to my flip-flops that they won't get to be on my feet during office hours any longer. And my electric blue toenail polish will no longer be visable during working hours."

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I have 24 hours and 45 minutes of work left until I move to my new job...I can hardly contain my excitement!

It will be bittersweet since I do really enjoy the people I work with. I won't miss cranky customers or computers systems that were designed for use by cro magnin man. But the the people you spend 40 hours of your week with are hard to leave.

It leaves me to wonder "Who is going to gossip with me about the newest In-Touch magazine cover" or "Who will comment on how FABULOUS my new toe nail color is" or someone to tell me with all honesty "YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP TODAY"!

Monday, June 14, 2004

A Nice Day

Yesterday was a nice day. I slept in a little, met a friend at the market, walked around, shared strawberries (huge and SO sweet) and people watched. I bought some cherries and double-chocolate baklava for the girls and then headed over to girls night (fun!). We painted our toenails...mine are now Electric Blue and have a little crystal daisy embellished on my toenail (fabulous!).

I have 39.5 hours of work left until I start my new job, of course I'm counting!

Saturday, June 12, 2004


I was at the airport tonight in the arrivals area waiting for my dad. His plane was delayed for awhile, so I just stood around and watched people interact. I have to say that the amount of love that poured out of that relatively small area was incredible. People were smiling and happy to see each other, hugging and kissing and crying tears of joy. It just made me happy to be around all of that happiness and love... They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but I would have to say that the arrivals area tonight at the Sea-tac airport gave Disneyland a run for its money.

Class of 04

My cousin Colin is graduating from high school today. I was up to visit him last night and he showed me an award he got from the state of Washington for being in the top 10 percent of all high school students in the state. Thats impressive.

Congratulations earned it!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Melodic Tendencies

I'm a singer. Always have been, always will be. I sing in the car...loudly, regardless if someone is looking at me strangely from another car. Of course I sing softly if someone else is in the car, and often am moved to accompany my melody with some dance movements --my friends will attest to this (spirit fingers anyone?).

So I went shopping last night to look for some work clothes ( a whole other story in itself ) and Norah Jones was playing 'Come Away With Me' over the sound system. So I'm in a corner of the store all by myself, browsing through suits, and I start to hum/sing softly (yes, softly). Someone comes into MY 'row' and starts to hum/sing as well. Which is fine, she's probably a singer just like me...but I didn't want her to...I was already singing and Norah Jones only needs one backup singer, and I WAS THERE FIRST.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Ok, this couldn't hurt...

Have you seen this car? It's a Honda S2000...

Have you seen it in or around the city of Portland? Its flashy: silver, red leather interior, soft top convertable, 2-seater.

Does the person driving it look suspicious? THEY SHOULD!! It's possible that the JACKASS driving that car (and I cant imagine there are a whole lot of them in the portland area), is a THIEF! My brother, who worked long and hard for that car, had it stolen from his underground locked garage on Sunday night...he's pissed and he wants the car back. So, if you've seen it, and the driver is acting the police!

Who has the right to steal from someone else? Something that that person loved, and worked really hard for and appreciated and WANTED TO HAVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME?!?!? Sorry, but it just pisses me off that there are people in the world who would do that??

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Grocery Clerks: Tact?...No! Attack!

Earlier this week a co-worker was telling me about an experience she recently had at a grocery store. She fell recently and had bandages around her wrists and palm of her hand. During her check-out, the clerk said to her "Oh, did you try to commit suicide?" WHO WOULD SAY THAT TO SOMEONE?!?!?

So yesterday I was at the grocery store, and they had a great deal on Ramen noodles. Now mind you, I actually like Ramen, and it's 10/1.00, which right now fits perfect on my budget, because I can eat for 5 days on that. I'm trying to save money, I have to move apartments and the cost of that can be staggering (deposits, cat deposits, first/last, moving van)! So the clerk says to me "Oh, you must really like Ramen?" Um, yeah! But what business is it of yours? SHUT UP! Let me buy my 3.00 worth of groceries in peace and not have to justify my choice of food to you!!

Does the supermarket teach their new clerks to have no tact? What happened to the days when people asked if you needed help out to your car, or double bagged the heavy stuff with silence and a smile?

Monday, June 07, 2004

'Link' It Up

I was reading my site statistics today, and noticed I dont post very many links. Now usually I like a good link. Quick, easy access to information. My friend Heather has a great 'My Favorite Things' page she does, with links galore. I'm going to hop right on that...although I haven't figured out a good name for the list.

Body by Victoria - Quite possibly the best bras and underwear ever invented.

BeautiControl - My lips have never felt smoother.

Tacky Living - He he he...

OPI - The most perfect nail polish...and a steal at only $7.00.

Ashlee Simpson - I love the song 'Pieces of Me' she's nowhere near as annoying as her older sister.

Havaianas - The world's best flip-flops.

Fanta - I dont like this, it makes me want to scream when I see those girls singing.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

"Weekend Update"

What did I do this weekend:

Had coffee with a guy from Craigslist...
Drove my dad to the airport...
Had lunch with my friends...
Went on a house-hunting blitz...
Learned my friend Elaine started a blog... YEAH!
Had dinner with my friend...
Saw Shrek 2...
Was awoken by a cat at 4am...
Did 4 loads of laundry...
Charmed by the presence of cable while doing my laundry...
Got caught in a rainstorm carrying that laundry back to my apartment...
Updated my blog...

Friday, June 04, 2004

Counting Again

Another Count:
1 - Manicures I need to give myself
2 - The number of dates my mom as this weekend
3 - Hours I talked on the phone to one person last night
4 - Cards I had to purchase at Hallmark
5 - The number of overtime hours on my last paycheck
6 - Months a bottle of expensive champagne has been sitting on my desk
7 - Load of laundry I need to do
8 - Size of a little girls shirt I bought as a present
10 - Ounces of Diet Coke with Lime I've had today
15 - Cent increase on a bag of Cheez-It's in the vending machine
20 - The number of houses my girlfriend and I are going to look at tomorrow
36 - Days until my birthday

Thursday, June 03, 2004


A week ago I applied for a job within my company, but not my organization, if that makes sense. Same corporate name, but completely different avenue of business. An industry which I have little experience in; however, my skills make me well-qualified for the position. After my interview last Thursday I was told that second interviews would be held early this week, and then the hiring manager would make a decision. So I hadn't heard anything, which led me to believe that I hadn't been selected for a second interview.

Last night I arrived home from an endless computer science class, ready to check my mail and sleep and there was a message on my machine asking to call the office. Well of course it's to late to call, but I thought it was to set up an interview for a different position that starts interviewing tomorrow. A little bummed, but more or less o.k, I went to bed. Ye of little faith....

Today, I return the call, and a couple of hours later the hiring manager calls back to advise, they decided that they didn't need to have second interviews, that they KNEW (yes, knew) that I was the one they WANTED. The feeling of being wanted overwhelmed me (along with thoughts of higher pay and better benefits), and I nearly shed a tear. Now mind you the pay increase is small considering I'm an internal employee essentially (although its in a totally different office and a totally different line of business); however, they are paying for my school...which is expensive...YEAH!! And I get to work in an office in downtown...YEAH, no more suburbs!! excitement runeth over...because I'm wanted, and thats all that maters.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's Official

My dating karma officially is bad...

I got an e-mail this morning from 'the guy' for yourself.

I had fun on Sunday too. However, I just didn't really feel the click that I was looking for... no particular reason why or anything, I just didn't...that's no good for me or for you... ya know? So best of luck! And it was
great meeting you!

So I guess the search continues? Everyone at work keeps saying 'As soon as you stop looking, you'll find someone' Um yeah right, because where would I find that 'someone' between working in a closed-office of 35 women, going to school with ugly older men, and going to bars where the men are drunk and I quote "Trying really hard to talk to your face, because your boobs are right there". Its not like my Mr. Wonderful is going to knock on my front door and want to apply to be my boyfriend!

@#&**($&@ anyway!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dating Karma

Update: No call hasn't been 48 hours yet, so I'm haven't given up hope...guys like to play it cool (um yeah, lets hope thats all it is).

I was thinking today about my past dates/relationships. Not including the date I just went on, every single person I have ever had coffee/dinner/random date with has wanted to date me, and in doing so we have either dated, or I have been the one to decide I didn't want to date them except for the one guy. So my tally is 11 yes, 1 no.

So I'm wondering...because of my so called 'good fortune' in dating...have I used up all my good date karma? Will I be forced to endure good first dates that never call? Will I be the rejected one? Am I being punished for bad deeds in my prior relationships?

On a positive note (and lets hope this is a sign of good karma to come)...I recieved a fortune cookie on my date night with the message "You will win over someone's heart." God in heaven, lets hope so.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Art & Coffee

Checked out the Van Gogh exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. It was really pretty good actually...sometimess art museums have ways of luring you in, and then having half-ass painting by the major artists, but this show did not dissappoint.

I'm updating my blog at an 'online' for the price of my vanilla mocha, I'm also updating my blog/checking my e-mail...what a way to multi-task.

Update: No call yet from the date, but then it hasn't even been a full 24 hours yet...

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Date Night

So tonight was date night. I met a guy off of at a little coffee shop on capitol hill. As far as first dates are concerned, this one went well. We talked for 2 hours with no lull in the conversation, we laughed and joked around and it felt relaxed and easy...which dating isn't always like.

Now I'm not going back and being hypocritical, dating truly does SUCK; however, when you have a date like I did tonight, the entire experience is much more enjoyable. Of course, seeing if he'll call is another post entirely. I know guys try to be cool if they like you and wait a few days to call you, but then if they dont like you, they just don't call. Because of this, the first few days can be absolute and utter hell. You begin to question your entire dating experience, analyzing the time you spent together and trying to figure out if the person laughing with and smiling at you for 2 hours is actually, in fact, interested.

All I can say is the last few dated I've had haven't exactly been the best, but tonight was good, great even...and so begins the waiting...will he call, or won't he?

Friday, May 28, 2004

Songs About Rain

Ok...I'm in love with the new Gary Allan song 'Songs About Rain'. It reminds me a little bit of Seattle (the rain) and a little of Fargo (lyric: Well this town has closed down way too early and there’s nothing to do). I downloaded it from Itunes yesterday...its just a good song to listen to when its raining... :)

I have a date this weekend....seriously. Its been six weeks since my last date, so this should be interesting. Dating does...damnit anyway. Somebody out there cross your fingers and hope this one goes good.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Patience is a virtue

My school has a tiny computer lab, 7 computers or something like that. Right before class it is always pretty busy, but I'm usually able to get into a workstation in about 5 minutes. Last night....I totally lost my shit. People were checking their personal e-mail, and printing like 500 page documents on the one little printer. All I needed to do was a quick finalization on my paper...10 minutes tops. It took me 30 minutes, 50 sighs, loud gum popping and constant toe-tapping to make someone finally get a conscience, close their personal crap and LET ME WORK ON MY SHIT!!! I dont often lose my shit, but I lost it yesterday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

My Ass

I live a mile from work. For for the past 2 years (all but one day) I've driven my car to and from. Today I decided I live pretty close, so I should start to try and save gas and take my bike or walk, not to mention the physical exercise I'll gain. (of course after calculating that I get 25 miles to the gallon, and gas is 2.36 a gallon, in a weeks time of not driving to work (10 miles) and the store (15 miles), I'll save an entire 2.36 a week...but thats not the point I guess) So this morning, I rode my bike the mile to work, and then to the store another mile and half to the store and back in order to get lunch. I decided to leave my bike at work and walk home; however, my ass hurts so bad from that damn bike seat I dont think I'll ever make it the mile least not without a little whining.

Monday, May 24, 2004


I have a brother, Sam, and he is 3 and a half years older than I am. Growing up he used to kick my ass, and terrorize me, but in later years we can actually have a fun time together. This weekend however, my life became more complicated. My dad got remarried and now I have 2 more brothers. Umm, hello, I said I wanted a baby sister damnit! :) Anyway, so Eric and Ryan enter my life....Ryan is 2 years older than me, and Eric....(swallow hard) is 2 months YOUNGER than that makes me now, yup you guessed it...a middle child. DAMN! Oh well, I still remain the only girl, and I'm not losing my hair like Eric is, so life is good. But all in all, brothers are good, even if I now have 2 more to kick my ass.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mexico...for lovers?

More to come, but a quick brief... I just got back from Cabo San Lucas, and it was wonderful; however, the cochroach on the bathroom floor of my upscale hotel on Wednesday morning was a little nasty. Also, the hotel was filled with nothing but 20-somthing couples and honeymooners, which made me feel like a failure because I am not a part of a 20-somthing couple or a honeymooner! So after staring at kissy-kissy couples for 4 days, I have a renewed faith in the hope of love-eternal and am refreshed and ready to re-embark on the dating scene, because as some of you know I had become a little pissed with the whole dating thing lately.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Green Thumb

I dont have one. Don't get me wrong, I think plants are beautiful, and each summer I buy a ton to adorn my deck; however, after about 2 weeks they all die. Maybe its because I don't water them enough, so when I do water them, I drown them. Maybe I dont talk to them...I'm not the plant-talking kind. I'd like to have a beautiful orchid, but I'm not paying 20 bucks for something thats going to certainly die in a few weeks.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Happy Birthday

Happy 26th Birthday Andy.

Andy is my 'the one that got away' guy. We talk 5 days a week on e-mail, is the person that gets me through my crappy work days, calls me on my shit, makes me feel better when I'm crabby, callls me 'baby' just because he knows I like it. He's the guy friend every girl should have...and I do.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Customer Service

So I decided to go to the doctor to make sure this cold-thing stops before I try to get on a plane and fly to Mexico on Monday. So I called the hospital, the same which I've been going to for 2 years now, but never had the need to go to a regular doctor...I've been healthy. So first I get scolded for not having a 'Primary Care Physician' or 'PCP'. Ok...but I havent been sick...should I really pay the $25.00 copay to meet some doctor I wouldn't need to see for years? So I ask for an appointment, and the scheduler tells me there is nothing until Monday....but thats when I leave for Mexico. So I'm kind of miffed, and get scolded again about the 'PCP' and finally I (yes I) have to ask..."I can't believe in all of V------ M---- there are no appointments until Monday!!" and she goes, "Well we have appointments at our other locations, just not in Federal Way." Ok, GREAT, THANKS, because you were SO NOT concerned about me not getting seen!?!? Could you not have mentioned that as an alternative as soon as I told you that I wouldnt be here next week and needed to be seen today or tomorrow?

Customer Service is ofically dead....

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Number of Days:

2 - Until Andy's 26th B-day (which reminds me that I'm about to get older EVERY year)

6 - Until I leave for my Mexican vacation

9 - That which I've had a cold

61 - Until my Birthday

Monday, May 10, 2004

8 Days

I've had a cold for 8 days now. I'm pretty sure its on the downward slope, but dont tell the crazy people at the Kleenex company...I'm still blowing my nose like crazy (sorry, gross I know).

Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday at last

I've been home feeling like absolutely crap for the past 2 days. I've literally gone through ever Kleenex in my house and had to move on to toilet paper because I didn't feel well enough to go to the store. (I know Marisa, toilet paper is 'acceptable' to some people...but not to me!).

God bless my friends. I pose the question "What are you doing this weekend for fun?" and I get "Mowing & Fertilizing the lawn" as an answer. It makes my life seem fascinating by comparison doesn't it?

Monday, May 03, 2004

A Fun New Place

So the girls and I went to Tia Lou's on Friday night. It was fantastic! It's a mexican 'cantina' that becomes a 'nightclub' on the weekends. We went there and sat on this huge deck, just chatting and having a good time, and then we got kicked out of our seats because 'they were making a nightclub'. Ok. They pushed all the tables to the edges of the deck, turned on some lights, lit some tiki torches and voila! a nightclub was born! However, that place had to be about 3 times over its capacity, and I kept having visions of what those poor people in that nightclub last year must have felt like. If there was a fire, there was no way people were getting out!

Friday, April 30, 2004


I have a sore throat, and it sucks. I feel like I'm 5 years old and someone asks you whats wrong and you look at them with big puppy dog eyes and say 'My froat huuurts'. And yes, the f-roat is deliberate.