Monday, September 13, 2004

100 - A Hundred - 100

This is my 100th post...sort of a mini-blogging milestone!! I have to say that blogging is a great outlet...its theraputic, and allows you to inform the general population on whatever you deem suitable to put on your blog. What did we do before blogs? Write in a journal? I'll tell you what, every year as a child I made a pact that I would keep a journal...because how incredibly COOL would that be to look back years later on how fun my life was....well to say that least I've probobly had 20 journal entried in my entire life, and usually only after something depressing such as a break up or what-not. Needless to say, I see those entries years later, read them and then throw them away because who wants to relive bad moments in time? And I'm always freaked out that someone I'm dating will find a journal, read it and then be ticked off at what I've wrote.

So here's to my 100th post...

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