Monday, September 27, 2004

Dental Fun

So I went to the dentist today. Not an overall bad experience, but I picked this dentist because when I typed 'Seattle dentist spa' into google, up came the name of this dentist....Her office was awesome, staff were nice. I knew I had a couple of cavaties that I needed they sat me down...apparently she charges 450 per cavity for plastic fillings or 1650 for glass fillings....OH. MY. GOD!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!

My old dentist in Seattle charged not per tooth, but how many surfaces on the tooth were affected, ranging from 150-290 per tooth....and then they would only make me pay the 20% up front because they kept track of how much insurance I had left knowing that they would pay 80%. Not this place...they wanted it, up front. lets see....if I had 3 fillings at 450, that 1350 up front for plastic, or 3 glass fillings for 4950. Thats half of what some new cars cost!!!!!

Needless to say...I'll be shopping for a new dentist.


Kerry Doyal said...

I guess that made you down in the mouth . . .?

Marisa said...

Next time, if you are looking for a spa experience, opt for Gene Juarez :) It will be cheaper!

Timo said...

Ha. I was going to ask if you reccommend your new dentist. I see NOT.