Thursday, September 23, 2004

Inch by Inch

So last night on my drive home Marisa called and we were having a conversation about guys and height. She said to me "Well he's kind of short...he's only 5 foot 9." Um HELLO! Sure, 5 foot 9 isn't tall, but when you're 5 foot 5, thats 4 inches taller than you are. As Heather said, it isn't fair because shorter girls have more options! It's true...lets do some math. Let say that there are 100 guys equally distributed between the height of 5 foot 5 and 6 f00t 2. And lets just see if you only dated someone your height or taller, how many choices you would have (assuming all guys are straight and interested in you).

Marisa (5 foot 5) : 100 Guy Options
Elaine (5 foot 7): 80 Guy Options
Heather (5 foot 8): 70 Guy Options
Sunny (5 foot 9): 60 guy Options

Why oh WHY do we have to live in a city with so many short men????


Marisa said...

Sunny, you crazy girl! I'm 5'3" (with no shoes)and the guy I was referring to was 5'4"! Yes, there are too many short boys in Seattle. I'm sorry :(

Travelchick76 said...

And I'm only 5'5". But I definitely agree that shorter girls have more options. It always bothers me somewhat when I see a couple and the guy is over 6' and the girl is 5'. I feel like that's not fair somehow on the taller girls like you. :)