Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another Pro and Con List

It's been awhile, so here's another Pro and Con list...regarding paint:

-Can inexpensively change the look and feel of a room for the better.
-Is relatively easy to apply, and is easily changeable.
-What else for about 20.00 can an entire room in about 2 hours?

-Paint is a BITCH to clean out of dried carpet. (or at least I'm assuming it is because Bob Villa's website says so and because thats on the agenda for me tonight at my old apartment because I have to turn in the keys and if it doesn't come out because I was painting WAY too late one night and kicked over the paint bucket, I'm going to be really REALLY ticked off!) --and now I step off my soap box.

All I can say, is thank GOD that my new place is already painted a wonderful color and I dont have to worry about painting problems any more. Oh Elaine...I promise when we paint your bedroom this weekend, I wont get any on the carpet, and if I do...I'll know how to get it out!

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