Friday, September 17, 2004

Moving Day!!!

I am moving tomorrow from gangsta-ghetto-trashy Federal Way, to the lovely, charming, gorgeous Queen Anne neighborhood and I can hardly wait! I cant wait to look around my new apartment and revel in the fact that I am merely 3 blocks away from: Starbucks, Tully's, Jamba Juice, Noahs, The Paragon, Safeway, Queen Anne Cafe, The Gelateria (OH. MY. GOD. Homemade Gelato 3 blocks away....thank goodness I'm moving when its turning cold and not in the height of summer!). I can't wait to walk around and get to know my new neighborhood.

I signed my lease last night and my landlord was all too happy to point out that there is a single guy living in the upstairs of the house and a single pharmacist living in the bright yellow house next door....hmmm. Heather says not to date those you: work with, live with or at the same I guess the RX next door is off limits.

Thank you in advance to those of you who are helping me move...moving sucks, but hopefully it will go smoothly and there will be no rain!


Travelchick76 said...

I'm so happy you're moving Sunny! I know you'll love it in Queen Anne. It's so you. The pharmacist may be off limits for you but maybe he has the cure for me? :)

Marisa said...

Oh, heck with it! Just go for the pharmacist. You only signed a year lease ;) You can always move to lower Queen Anne if necessary.