Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sunny's Favorite Things

Here's the latest edition of Sunny's favorite things:

Dryel - I was skeptical at first...but 11 dollars later and 30 minutes of my time...I'm a believer.

Franco Sarto - Quite possibly the most comfortable, yet stylish work shoes and boots I own.

Netflix - I've just rejoined and I love it.

Zebra Sarsa - Awesome easy to write with gel pens that come in cool colors like like, denver blue, burgundy and forest green.

Siemens SL56 - My new cell phone. Its tiny...and that's great.

DuWop Hands 2 Hair - The coolest styling aid ever.

Afterglow - The new CD by Sarah McLachlan


Anonymous said...

You're right about Afterglow. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good CD. . .not exactly new, but whatever

Marisa said...

Yeah, Sarah's CD is great! I LOVEEEEEE IT!