Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Blissful Learning

Last night, although my class was dull as recycled paper, it was positive. I've teamed up with a learning team that is going to email throughout the week rather than have a face-to-face meeting every week, which as you know, is a total waste of my time. Thank god there are finally people who understand what its like actually work and go to school for the past couple of years...and knowing that you dont need to look at somebody in the face to work together!!

So...I talked to the quarterly last night and he didn't mention going out this week which is driving me bonkers since he mentioned it Saturday and I told him I'd let him know what my schedule is. I know I should be more aggressive, but you know what. I don't want to be. I don't mind if it takes awhile for him to ask me out because he's great and funny and I don't have my hopes up, but if he asks, that'd be great. So hopefully he will call tonight to schedule something...but if he doesn't its ok 'cause I got stuff to do.

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