Friday, October 08, 2004

Can't Hardly Wait.

I've been waiting for Raise Your Voice to be in the theatres for months and months. Thank you to Heather, Elaine and Marisa who have listen to me sing the song in the trailer endless times. I know its stupid to be 26 and like Hillary Duff movies, but I simply can't help myself. The same goes for singing the song in the C2 commericial.

Other random thoughts...

Marisa used the word 'boobies' once too many yesterday....don't know why, but the word freaks me out. Boobs is ok, so are brests..just not 'boobies'.

The Banana's Foster last night at Firefly was straight-up awesome....yum!

I'm so overly glad it's Friday I cannot even begin to tell you.


Anonymous said...

EDIT POST--->BreAsts

If we have 'em, lets spell 'em right ;)

Marisa said...

So, sounds like Elaine sat through the movie with you! I was totally DYING to see that movie!!!! ;)