Wednesday, October 20, 2004


In response to Elaine's post...apparantly, we are ALL spinsters as defined by the following definitions:

1. A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
2. A single woman.

My comments to this are: What is the 'convential age', Why are all 'single' women classified as spinsters. Seriously who writes this crap?

In response to Heather's post...the fear or phobia of cats is called Ailurophobia or Felinophobia. Apparently there are clinics and hypnotists that can help you to overcome your fear. Is that a present that you'd like for Christmas? I bet it is...

And to all of you who wondered how my quiz went last night? Let me premise this by saying I was well prepared, memorized what was required and ready to take it...however, my teacher pulled some crazy stuff and tested us on sub-catagories of that which we learned...these were NEVER communicated to us to needless to say, I didn't do too well...

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Anonymous said...

I have no interest in overcoming my fear/hatred of cats. I'm good with's everyone else that has an issue. Not what I want for Christmas.