Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I don't get too excited about tv usually. I don't have a lot of time to commit to it between school and friends and family. There are a few shows that I like, and never miss (ok, I make my dad TiVo them so I can watch them later...but still never miss them) like ER. I also like America's Next Top Model because its quite possibly one of the dumbest shows on earth. Its kind of like novocane for the brain.

However, last night I received my first disk from Netflix for the series Nip/Tuck....and OH. MY. GOD. it was awesome!! I was all numbed up from my 2 novocaine shots (not to the brain, but to my mouth) laying on the couch and watching Nip/Tuck. I'm now hooked.

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Anonymous said...

Nip Tuck = Good Stuff.
I watch it too!...but I haven't Netflixed it yet...maybe after I max out OZ.
:-) HB