Tuesday, August 31, 2004


His name is PRINCE... and he is funky!! Marisa and I had the excellent fortune of scoring box seats to the Prince concert last night at Key Arena (thanks Marisa). OH. MY. GOD. It was awesome! Now I'm a girl who has seen Prince live before, but last night blew the other concert out of the water. Last night was upbeat, and then he pulled out his acoustic guitar and did a long set of classics like Little Red Corvette and Cream....acoustically....and thats awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it awesome! Oh. My. God. Is right! The acoustic part was my favorite too! Cream.

Jessica said...

I wouldn't mind reading the rest of your blog, if the colour scheme didn't blind me. I'm sorry, it just, do you really think people enjoy reading grey text over a pink background?

Anonymous said...

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