Tuesday, August 03, 2004


It's the first week in August and the gloomy sky today reminds me of the middle of October. Normally this time of year we have what's called a 'Marine' layer that makes the skies cloudy and murky until about noon or so and then it 'burns' off and the day is beautiful after that. No such luck today.

I've been eating outside in a courtyard next to my building during lunch and today I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich and a magazine and went there to relax and have lunch. I FROZE! Not only is it gloomy, but it's cold! Now I'm not complaining too loundly, as 80 degree weather here makes for REALLY miserable nights in my apartment, but c'mon, this is crazy!

Ok...enough whining for today.

Marisa...thanks for making me feel better. Moving always sucks and it always costs a zillion dollars and thank you for making me relax about it all.

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