Monday, August 09, 2004


This weekend was a little bit of's a list of what went on:

Plans to go to SeaFair, but didn't because of weather.
Went to the IHOP instead.
Then went to get Marisa's eyebrows waxed.
Decided to look at an apartment for Marisa.
I wanted out of Bellevue so we drove to Seattle.
Drove by a house that Elaine was intereted in.
We called Heather to discuss matters (you know which)
I wanted to stop at a dog park and pretend we had a dog.
Then we went to the waterfron at Golden Gardens park.
We then drove through Kenmore and Lake Forest park on our way to Kirkland.
We hung out at the water for a bit.
Then we went to the movie Before Sunset (ARGH!!!!!! that ending!!!!)
Marisa wanted to relax at her house for awhile.
Read US weekly
Heather called and we decided to go to Ozzies for Karaoke.
Marisa didn't want to go, but elaine and I (ok, mostly I) made her.
We smashed...Marisa met Navy boys.
Heather and I sang Ice Ice Baby.
The history.

Sunday my dad, step-mom and I went to Anacortes, which was fun because I had never been there. They had a cool art fair, so we walked around, I got corn on the cob and relaxed with my dad.

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