Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's all about him...and some random stuff.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Timo. For those of you who don't know, Timo is one of my new co-workers and someone I go to when I need to laugh or bitch (I never do that...right). We do some not-so-fun tasks like cleaning large storage areas, but we make it fun by laying on thick midwestern accents and singing random songs. Everyone needs a Timo in their office.

On to random news:

--My second date tonight with the virgin. You can all start laughing now as its SO funny, and 'How COULD I corrupt someone so innocent'...let me tell I can...and I just might.

--After 9 weeks...and many hours of bitching to those around me (read above) I now have health benefits under the new division of my company. Needless to say, that doesn't go without a whole other set of mathematical difficulties on their part, but regardless...I'm covered!

--I decided to move my strawberry jelly back to the kitchen, instead of the fridge literally attached to my desk, as otherwise I have to carry it back and forth in order to make lunch. We'll see how long it takes my apparently VERY hungry co-workers to eat it.

--The season finale of Summerland is on tonight and I couldn't be happier! (Ok, well I could be, but whatever) That show is cheesy as all get-out, but entertaining.


Timo said...

You're dating a Virgin? Why would you do that to yourself?
Did you find him on www.wherechristiansmeet.com ??

Travelchick76 said...

I want a Timo in my office, how do I get one? I can't believe you are going to corrupt your virgin. You'll have to give us the dish. Does he want to be corrupted? ;)

Marisa said...

What's a "Timo"? Is that the new Chia pet?