Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I love fashion. Always have, and always will. I was voted best dressed in high school. I like keeping up with new trends, although do not feel the need to follow all of them. You should follow trends if the compliment your personal style, and if they look good on you.

Today I'm trying out a new 'trend', which is pinning an interesting pin or broach to your sweater in a unique spot. I'm wearing mine about 5 inches from the bottom of my sweater off a couple of inches from the middle of my body. Its a beautiful aquarmarine broach that I inherited from my gramdma and I love it. You can see the trend I'm talking about here.

Recently I bought a poncho that I love, although I've only worn in a couple of times. Its a fun piece to have. I know it'll be out of style in a few months, but it was a fun summer piece that only cost me 10.00.

There are trends that should never be in point: tailored jeans with zippered bottoms....YUCK! What awful designer decided to bring that back after 15 years??? It was awful the first time around, it looks bad on everyone except supermodels (and even then a tad funny).

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Timo said...

HEY! My tailored jeans with zippered bottoms look great on me! the are mauve and make my butt look way out there! Silly!