Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Make-up Counter

Ah, the joys of being a woman. One of those great joys is going to the make-up counter. If you're lucky enough to have a M.A.C. counter in your city, then you will really be able to relate to this. When I was living in Fargo, they didn't have a M.A.C. counter, and therefor I had to e-mail my dad my make-up orders and he would go to the one in Seattle, and ship it back to me. Now that I'm here I can do that all by myself! (dont I feel so grown up).

I've been wearing M.A.C. since I was 18, so for 8 years now, and love it. The foundation is a powder, it goes on nicely, covers well, is moderately priced (if 25.00 is moderate) and lasts a decent amount of time. I have changed 'colors' 4 times now, it seems that every time I go to the counter the saleswoman has a different idea of exactly which 'color' I am...I have fair skin, with pink undertones, and it shouldn't be that hard to narrow down, but I've had foundations from 4 different color zones now, which baffles me because how is that possible? I dont change colors, I'm pretty much never tan on my face, and I havent suddenly become a difference race.

Anyway, at M.A.C. if you bring in 6 empty containers of theirs, they will give you a free lipstick (add that up at 25.00 a compact and its 150.00 for a free 10.00 lipstick...yeah, but deal), but I went with my 6, and waited FOREVER for someone to help me. Me, the girl who has 150.00 worth of evidence needs help, not that person in the makeup chair looking for a free 'lesson' on eyeshadow (when really she just probobly is going out with her friends or boyfriend that night). So I proceed to purchase another 25.00 compact, get my free lipstick (shade called 'Syrup') and be on my way. 25 minutes it took...pathetic....oh the price of beauty!

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