Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lack of Interest of Lack of Time?

I used to do a lot. Not to say that working full-time and finishing up school isn't a lot, but I used to have things I liked to do...a lot. Lately over the last year I haven't done much of anything. I've been pressed for time much of each week between working, commuting, studying, going to class, being social and visiting family. I started to think (during my nearly 2-hour nightmare commute this morning)...where did all of my interest go? Here are some things I used to LOVE doing, but rarely ever partake in them anymore:

  1. Dancing-- (clubs, classes, in front of my bathroom mirror...doesn't matter, I love it)
  2. Rollerblading-- (flying around on wheels...excellent)
  3. Crafts-- (specifically cross-stitch, stamping, sewing and beading)
  4. Piano-- (the love of my life...but no piano anymore)
  5. Working Out-- (used to teach 10 aerobics classes a week and now I hardly ever work out)
  6. Swinging-- (no, not sleeping with random people, but being on a swing in a playground...it's a great stress reliever)
  7. Cuddling-- (no boy...no cuddling)

So..what should I do about it? Here's the plan:

1. Dancing - enroll in a class

2. Rollerblade - try to get in a few times while the weather is still good

3. Crafts - on the back burner for now...time really doesn't allow

4. Piano - I have a keyboard, I'm going to see if that will make me feel better

5. Working Out - 2 times a week to start until my schedule slows down

6. Swinging - next time I see a swing...I'm on it!

7. Cuddling - Oh soon I hope!!!


Anonymous said...

I have rollerblades...let's go!
(Are you good?)

Travelchick76 said...

I have rollerblades too but I'm horrible at it. If you and Heather don't mind going slow, I can try again sometime.