Thursday, August 19, 2004

Counting...and new math

Sometimes it's necessary to share a personal philosophy with the world. A friend (and you know who you are) and I were having a discussion last night about sexual partners. We are both well aware of our 'number' and we were talking about when to add or not add to that number. For instance:

Lets say you are with #4 for a couple of months, and then you break up and find #5 after a short while. Number five is great, but doesn't work out so you part ways as friends. Then you decide after a couple of months that that #5, while YUMMY, was not boyfriend material still is YUMMY enough to help occupy your lonely bed for awhile. So do you count him as #5 and #6 or just #5. When does adding experiences finally add up?

We agreed that he stays just #5; however, I had a little moment of clarity last night. So lets say you buy a bag of BBQ chips (or whatever junk food you like), you eat that bag and then days later buy another bag, and eat another bag. Although it's the same chip, you still ate TWO bags and shouldn't that count for something?

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