Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Ok, this couldn't hurt...

Have you seen this car? It's a Honda S2000...

Have you seen it in or around the city of Portland? Its flashy: silver, red leather interior, soft top convertable, 2-seater.

Does the person driving it look suspicious? THEY SHOULD!! It's possible that the JACKASS driving that car (and I cant imagine there are a whole lot of them in the portland area), is a THIEF! My brother, who worked long and hard for that car, had it stolen from his underground locked garage on Sunday night...he's pissed and he wants the car back. So, if you've seen it, and the driver is acting the police!

Who has the right to steal from someone else? Something that that person loved, and worked really hard for and appreciated and WANTED TO HAVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME?!?!? Sorry, but it just pisses me off that there are people in the world who would do that??

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