Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's Official

My dating karma officially is bad...

I got an e-mail this morning from 'the guy' for yourself.

I had fun on Sunday too. However, I just didn't really feel the click that I was looking for... no particular reason why or anything, I just didn't...that's no good for me or for you... ya know? So best of luck! And it was
great meeting you!

So I guess the search continues? Everyone at work keeps saying 'As soon as you stop looking, you'll find someone' Um yeah right, because where would I find that 'someone' between working in a closed-office of 35 women, going to school with ugly older men, and going to bars where the men are drunk and I quote "Trying really hard to talk to your face, because your boobs are right there". Its not like my Mr. Wonderful is going to knock on my front door and want to apply to be my boyfriend!

@#&**($&@ anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but everyone at work is right. Um, sorry.

You need to get to a place where you stop asking yourself:
- When am I going to meet him (aka Mr. Right)?
- Should I go to this event because I might meet him?
- Is that him?

And start believing:
- I'm going to meet him eventually, if it's now: fabulous, if not: fabulous.
- I should go to this event because it's going to be FUN.
- How the hell should I know if that's him? I just met him!