Friday, June 11, 2004

Melodic Tendencies

I'm a singer. Always have been, always will be. I sing in the car...loudly, regardless if someone is looking at me strangely from another car. Of course I sing softly if someone else is in the car, and often am moved to accompany my melody with some dance movements --my friends will attest to this (spirit fingers anyone?).

So I went shopping last night to look for some work clothes ( a whole other story in itself ) and Norah Jones was playing 'Come Away With Me' over the sound system. So I'm in a corner of the store all by myself, browsing through suits, and I start to hum/sing softly (yes, softly). Someone comes into MY 'row' and starts to hum/sing as well. Which is fine, she's probably a singer just like me...but I didn't want her to...I was already singing and Norah Jones only needs one backup singer, and I WAS THERE FIRST.

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Marisa said...

Spirit fingers or jazz hands? Ha! :) We should watch "Bring it on" only because we hate to admit we've even seen the movie. :)