Thursday, June 03, 2004


A week ago I applied for a job within my company, but not my organization, if that makes sense. Same corporate name, but completely different avenue of business. An industry which I have little experience in; however, my skills make me well-qualified for the position. After my interview last Thursday I was told that second interviews would be held early this week, and then the hiring manager would make a decision. So I hadn't heard anything, which led me to believe that I hadn't been selected for a second interview.

Last night I arrived home from an endless computer science class, ready to check my mail and sleep and there was a message on my machine asking to call the office. Well of course it's to late to call, but I thought it was to set up an interview for a different position that starts interviewing tomorrow. A little bummed, but more or less o.k, I went to bed. Ye of little faith....

Today, I return the call, and a couple of hours later the hiring manager calls back to advise, they decided that they didn't need to have second interviews, that they KNEW (yes, knew) that I was the one they WANTED. The feeling of being wanted overwhelmed me (along with thoughts of higher pay and better benefits), and I nearly shed a tear. Now mind you the pay increase is small considering I'm an internal employee essentially (although its in a totally different office and a totally different line of business); however, they are paying for my school...which is expensive...YEAH!! And I get to work in an office in downtown...YEAH, no more suburbs!! excitement runeth over...because I'm wanted, and thats all that maters.

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