Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Grocery Clerks: Tact?...No! Attack!

Earlier this week a co-worker was telling me about an experience she recently had at a grocery store. She fell recently and had bandages around her wrists and palm of her hand. During her check-out, the clerk said to her "Oh, did you try to commit suicide?" WHO WOULD SAY THAT TO SOMEONE?!?!?

So yesterday I was at the grocery store, and they had a great deal on Ramen noodles. Now mind you, I actually like Ramen, and it's 10/1.00, which right now fits perfect on my budget, because I can eat for 5 days on that. I'm trying to save money, I have to move apartments and the cost of that can be staggering (deposits, cat deposits, first/last, moving van)! So the clerk says to me "Oh, you must really like Ramen?" Um, yeah! But what business is it of yours? SHUT UP! Let me buy my 3.00 worth of groceries in peace and not have to justify my choice of food to you!!

Does the supermarket teach their new clerks to have no tact? What happened to the days when people asked if you needed help out to your car, or double bagged the heavy stuff with silence and a smile?

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