Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dating Karma

Update: No call yet...it hasn't been 48 hours yet, so I'm haven't given up hope...guys like to play it cool (um yeah, lets hope thats all it is).

I was thinking today about my past dates/relationships. Not including the date I just went on, every single person I have ever had coffee/dinner/random date with has wanted to date me, and in doing so we have either dated, or I have been the one to decide I didn't want to date them except for the one guy. So my tally is 11 yes, 1 no.

So I'm wondering...because of my so called 'good fortune' in dating...have I used up all my good date karma? Will I be forced to endure good first dates that never call? Will I be the rejected one? Am I being punished for bad deeds in my prior relationships?

On a positive note (and lets hope this is a sign of good karma to come)...I recieved a fortune cookie on my date night with the message "You will win over someone's heart." God in heaven, lets hope so.

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