Friday, July 02, 2004


I love beauty products. I do. That includes hair care, nail care, makeup, hair accesories, skin care, perfume etc. At what point do you open up your drawers filled with these items and go "I now have enough"? Does that point ever come?

Last night I bought shave gel (not like i don't have 3 already, but it was a new scent). I also bought some spray for your hair to use on the 2nd day after you wash it to 'revitalize' and 'energize' your hairstyle, so you don't have to over wash. I also bought some frizz creme, although I woulnt never consider my hair to be frizzy. Also there was some cuticle scrub purchased, and had to hold myself back on a new nail polish and some gold hair powder mean 'to accentuate shine'.

And y'all already know I have a thing about having multiple different deororants at all times. :)

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