Friday, July 09, 2004


My mom took me out to dinner last night for my birthday, and she asked me if I had been dating anyone. And I looked at her and said, "And when do I have time for that?". It's true. I would love to date someone, but I feel like after school and work and my friends and family, I have like zero time left over...maybe I'll meet someone in the same boat and then we can spend our little bit of time together?

2 days out from my 26th birthday (no longer early twenties) and now wondering:

Do I need to use eye cream...every night?


Travelchick76 said...

I've been using eye cream every night for more than 6 months. I haven't noticed a difference, have you? I think it's a scam by the beauty industry that preys on our insecurities.

Anonymous said...

Poo on eye cream. Though in twenty years I may have droopy eyes and yours may still look like your 26...HA!