Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mental Blur

This week has been Crazy...with a capital 'C'.  Moving offices, different hours, economics final, etc.  Some things have made me giggle today though...
I e-mailed the guy that I went on a few dates with earlier this year, that I stopped dating because he refused to wear deodorant.  I am NOT planning on dating him again, but I was bored...and he actually wrote back.  Seriously, sometimes I just like to test people.  Why would he want to talk to someone who told him he smells?
A co-worker said to me:  "I'm still trying to place you're accent."  Ok...apparently I don't sound so much like I just stepped off a flight direct from Minneapolis! :)
The same co-worker today had this box full of little plastic bunnies.  On the bottom of each one is a little phrase like "I'm not listening"...however, the best one is "You're ugly.  And that's sad." 
Hee Hee Hee

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