Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I've got a year left and that feels great. I know I havent had a break in 2 years, and thats ok, but sometimes school crap just puts me OVER THE EDGE. Now mind you I had about 6 chapters and 2 papers to write for class tonight, not to mention the 6 chapters that are due EVERY week in this class. Oh no. So I have to meet with my 'team' once a week to work on a team assignment, although this week we switched our meeting day because of the holiday. Now that would normally be fine, but I had plans I made months ago for last night so I couldnt go to the meeting. Instead, in advance mind you, advised that I wouldnt be there; however, to let me know what part/section to do and I WOULD DO IT. But I get the draft of the paper (one 1 1/2 pages mind you) without my name on it. WHAT THE HELL!!! I'm there every meeting and do whatever is asked of me...I told you in advance, this isn't Kindergarten...chill the F--K out people!!!

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