Sunday, May 30, 2004

Date Night

So tonight was date night. I met a guy off of at a little coffee shop on capitol hill. As far as first dates are concerned, this one went well. We talked for 2 hours with no lull in the conversation, we laughed and joked around and it felt relaxed and easy...which dating isn't always like.

Now I'm not going back and being hypocritical, dating truly does SUCK; however, when you have a date like I did tonight, the entire experience is much more enjoyable. Of course, seeing if he'll call is another post entirely. I know guys try to be cool if they like you and wait a few days to call you, but then if they dont like you, they just don't call. Because of this, the first few days can be absolute and utter hell. You begin to question your entire dating experience, analyzing the time you spent together and trying to figure out if the person laughing with and smiling at you for 2 hours is actually, in fact, interested.

All I can say is the last few dated I've had haven't exactly been the best, but tonight was good, great even...and so begins the waiting...will he call, or won't he?

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Katie said...


I got linked here from I totally feel you about the waiting after the date. That's definitely the worst part of dating. But hey, the call back is fabulous though! It's worth the wait!

Lata, Kate