Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Customer Service

So I decided to go to the doctor to make sure this cold-thing stops before I try to get on a plane and fly to Mexico on Monday. So I called the hospital, the same which I've been going to for 2 years now, but never had the need to go to a regular doctor...I've been healthy. So first I get scolded for not having a 'Primary Care Physician' or 'PCP'. Ok...but I havent been sick...should I really pay the $25.00 copay to meet some doctor I wouldn't need to see for years? So I ask for an appointment, and the scheduler tells me there is nothing until Monday....but thats when I leave for Mexico. So I'm kind of miffed, and get scolded again about the 'PCP' and finally I (yes I) have to ask..."I can't believe in all of V------ M---- there are no appointments until Monday!!" and she goes, "Well we have appointments at our other locations, just not in Federal Way." Ok, GREAT, THANKS, because you were SO NOT concerned about me not getting seen!?!? Could you not have mentioned that as an alternative as soon as I told you that I wouldnt be here next week and needed to be seen today or tomorrow?

Customer Service is ofically dead....

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