Monday, November 29, 2004

Crazy/Beautiful Week

This past week was awesome. I had my favorite aunt from back home and uncle in town, and had the entire week off from work. We spend endless hours shopping, talking and learning how to crochet (me, not my aunt). After learning how to crochet, I highly doubt I will ever knit again, it is just so much easier and quicker to crochet, and I'm hooked on it!

I am about 80 percent done Christmas shopping, although the closer we get to the actual holiday the more I'll buy out of sheer love of buying presents. I already have some people done with, but am having to restrain myself from buying more when I keep finding great stuff!! No one this year wanted any big item, it was more little things, or no ideas at all, so I'm sort of winging it, but I think it will be good. I'm trying to add some home made gifts into everyone presents this year because I have been doing so many project I've been loving and want to share them with everyone!! Only 20-some days left until THE day!!!

Last night we watched the tv movie Noel, with Susan Sarandon and Penolope Cruz. Now, I haven't been such a big fan of Penelope, as sometimes a thick accent just bugs me, but her accent didn't bother me so much, as the fact is she's absolutely perfect! Seriously, the woman is gorgeous, and it's hardly fair for the rest of the women on this plant to have to compare to that! Oh well, I guess she must have her flaws, she couldn't keep Tom Cruise happy....he he.

Tomorrow I'm posting a hilarious picture from the past week...all I can say is I'm holding an animal...with a dirty name.


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