Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas is in the air

First off...sorry the funny picture hasn't been posted yet. I haven't been feeling too well and I've been forgetting my camera at home. It will be here this week I promise.

So last night I called my professer and didn't go to class because of the following reasons:

A) I'm sick (which is true)
B) There was no test or quiz (a first in 9 weeks)
C) I needed a break

So, I was preparing to go home at 5:30 as normal, but had a quick meeting with my boss around 3:30 to discuss some projects we were working on. At the end of the meeting, she mentioned that she had a conversation with her boss about our Christmas decorations needing updating, so she said because I had great taste, would I mind going shopping... Would I mind? I'd LOVE IT! So, instead of going home (since I was skipping class), I spend 4 hours shopping...a lot of shopping...with the company's money...and how FUN IS THAT?! I bought a ton of christmas decorations, and the tree looks beautiful (picture to come), and my boss's boss, who is a FANATIC about Christmas told me more than once how wonderful it looks!

Tonight I am getting my permanent crown put in, so I'm sure that'll be buckets of fun. My mom is going to come over after and bring me to dinner, although I'm sure I won't be able to eat much with a sore mouth, but it'll be good to see her. I'm going to try to get some more crafts done as well since Christmas will be here soon. Last night I got another scarf's amazing how fast they come together. The one I did last night was cool because I used 2 different yarns together to get a fun look. I need to get my Christmas cards done too, I have all of the materials bought, but haven't sat down to construct them yet...maybe tonight.

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