Monday, December 27, 2004

The importance of safety

I heard about he tsunami last night on the news, and was absolutely horrified at the devastation it is causing. Thousands of people have dies, countless thousands of others are missing, without housing and still enduring. It is truly amazing to think that that could happen here in Seattle. I'm proud that our country is always ready to help aid in the assistance of countries in need of help. We immediately shipped out people to help feed and shelter those affected by the tsunami.

I heard on CNN this morning that Oprah's designer Nate was vacationing there when it happened and survived, although when I first heard the report I thought they said he died and I was like "Not Nate! He's an awesome designer and he's Oprahs friend!" It is always amazing how putting a face to a tradgedy can affect your view on it.

On a side note, my step-brother Ryan bought me pepper spray for Christmas. Of course, thats probobly a logical choice considering he did all of his holiday shopping at a sporting goods store. I've never felt unsafe in this city, certainly not enough to warrant carrying pepper spray in my purse, but maybe if I decide to take on NYC again, I'll bring it along.

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Marisa said...

Keep that pepper spray handy.... You may need it in Queen Anne! ;)