Monday, March 28, 2005

"You don't change the plan on game day!"

We had a last minute change of plans for Easter. We were going to be having dinner at my dad's house, but because of an illness in the family I got a call that morning and rearranged the plan. 'Plan A' was going to be dinner at my dad's (including my step-mom, step-brothers, step-aunt) all of whom my boyfriend had never met before.

But, we ended up going with 'Plan B' which was driving to my dad's to drop off his Easter treats, and him getting to meet the boyfriend. Them driving to my aunt's house where her and her husband, two kids and brother-in-law and my mother were. So he got to meet all of them. Then we were driving home and I called Elaine to check in and she and her boyfriend were hanging out, so we stopped over there for a bit so Elaine could meet him. He survived it all beautifully, I was relieved and impressed. Afterwards we drove home and I took a little nap while he digested and played X-Box. It was a really nice day despite the change of plans.

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