Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm here

I arrived in Fargo on Sunday afternoon, although after carrying my wedding dress through both the Detroit and Minneapolis airports, I was a little tired, and my arms were a little sore. Who knew a dress could weigh so much!!

I spend yesterday running around town picking up miscellaneous items that I needed for the wedding, and of course, stopped by all 3 Dakots Boys Ranch stores to pick up bags and bags full of new clothes. I can never get over how cheap their stuff is, I must have bought about 5 skirs, 1 purse, 2 blazers, 5-6 sweaters, 5 shirts for Michael, 2 bathrobes, 4 pairs of pajamas and other miscellaneous items (all new) for under a hundread dollars. The value just can't be beat!

Today my cousin Jerica (also a bridesmaid) is going to come over and hang out and run some more errands before we head out for a Chinese food lunch...yum! I am getting so anxious for everyone to get into town this week, there are so many people I haven't seen since Christmas, or even before and that in itself is enough to make this week awesome, let alone the wedding.

The weather here has gotten a little colder than originally expected (read: 37 degrees right now); however, it appears as though it won't rain on the 'big day', but they the S-word has gotten thrown around quite a bit for a possible flurry or two tonight. Bundle up!


Timo said...

hey Lady.
Email me your home mailing address at your leisure, please. at work.


I know everything will go perfectly and you'll have a wonderful time!


simonsenfamily said...

Congratulations Sunny! I've been busy too with the baby but am SO happy for you. Give me a call when you come to Seattle and i'll take you to lunch/dinner so we can catch-up. Miss you and glad to hear your doing well.