Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don't get a chance to watch a lot of live t.v., so I end up recording most of it and catching pieces of it when I can. Plus, I really, really like fast forwarding through all the commercials.

I am really excited for the Grey's Anatomoy season premiere tonight! It is definitely one of my favorite shows. My all time favorite, ER, was cancelled last season and I'm bummed that Thursday nights will no longer include them.

I watched the first episode of Glee on Hulu and it is absolutely hilarious, its definitly going on my to-watch list. A few other new shows coming out, like Three Rivers, have caught my attention and I'm looking forward to them.

Sunday night the new season of Dexter starts, which both Mike and I are pumped for. We started watching Season 1 when we had a free Showtime promotion, and quickly burned through all three seasons on our DVR. If you haven't see it, you should definitely check it out.

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Jeni Angel said...

I LOVE the DVR. The only drawback (and it's not really MY drawback) is my sister wants to discuss our favorite shows the next day and I haven't watched them yet.

I have been recording Glee as well. I think it's very original and I like it so far. I also LOVED ER, although I haven't seen the last season (long story). I need to just rent it already.

The only other shows I watch are House and The Office. I am not a huge fan of reality TV, so there are only a few things options left.