Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thought

I hate on blogs when people nickname significant people in their lives so they don't reveal their identity. For instance, if your husbands name is Thomas Knudsen the 4th, please don't call him TK4, its just silly. If you have a nickname you normally use for your spouse or child routinely, that is fine and understandable and fun, as it lets readers into your life a little. Its okay to leave your last name out of the mix, but I think calling your child on your blog by their "internet nick name" instead of their first name is just strange.


Jeni Angel said...

I think it speaks to the train of thought of: If you're blogging about something that you think you need to go to great lengths to protect your identity and the identity of those in your life, then maybe you shouldn't be blogging about that.

Then again, I'm just a oversharer in general, and don't care that much about hiding my internet life (although I do do a few things, like never mention the name of the firm I work for-I mean, if it happened, I wouldn't really care, but I am not sending out an invitation to all those people to read the blog)

Chica said...

I'm not sure I read your last sentence correctly, perhaps am still asleep :-s

I use "Scooter" for my hubby only because he'd rather have the anonymity. I know people that use nicknames for their kids online and it's probably for the same reason... to protect them from the evil internets while still being able to free flow.