Sunday, July 09, 2006

What we did in Fargo

We got a lot accomplished while we were home in Fargo:
  • Almost missed our plane to Fargo (we got the last 2 standby seats)
  • Went to Target to buy 2 clean shirts because our luggage didn't arrive and we had an appointment in the morning
  • Met with the photographer
  • Went to lunch at my favorite pizza place
  • Went to the cake tasting and picked out flavors for our cake
  • Bought a ton of clothes at the Dakota Boys Ranch (there is nothing better than buying a suitcase full of new clothes from Target and having it only cost $50)
  • Picked out flowers at the florist...they are going to be gorgeous
  • Saw the reception venue, I'm absolutely in love with it, it's beautiful
  • Met with the church wedding coordinator
  • Picked out the tuxedos for Mike and the guys
  • Spent the day with my friend Melissa and her baby Colton
  • Went to the barn to visit my cousins beautiful horse, Dolly
  • Had my bridal shower (picture below of my cousin Jerica, a bridesmaid, me, and my cousin Krista, who coordinated the shower)

1 comment:

Timo said...

was it just ridiculously hot? I'm going to MN in August and absolutely dreading the heat.