Monday, June 26, 2006

The Knot

I've been spending a lot of time on The Knot website lately trying to get ideas for the details of the wedding, and I have to say I've been inspired by a lot and in turn making a lot of little, personalized things for the wedding. But today, I was excited because someone from there sent me a message asking for my advice! She lives in Philadelphia and has the exact same dress as I do, and it's not one that is very common at all, and the color is unique so it presents some accessories 'challenges' that we're going to try to talk out. It will be nice to have someone with my same dress that I can bounce some ideas off of.

On another note, we've got 4 suitcases, a garmet bag, a duffel bag and a large purse to take with us to Fargo on Wednesday. I've weighed these suitcases a dozen times, and they had better not weigh over 50 pounds at the airport because I do not want to pay the overage amount! It really is amazing the amount of stuff that we've acquired over the course of planning!

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