Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not about the white and frilly

I am steadily trying to finish some wedding projects before Mike and I head back to North Dakota in two weeks to meet with vendors and bring along whatever wedding-related items we can. I have quite a list of projects that need to be done prior to leaving, or while we're in town.

This weekend I made our ring-bearers pillow. I hated all of the traditional white pillows that are usually used. We aren't having a traditional wedding, Mike's aunt is going to be our 'ring bearer' and therefore, a traditional white pillow just wasn't going to cut it. Below is the end-product of Saturday's sewing project. It's brown satin with pink pom-poms, brown and pink ribbon and a crystal button. I LOVE IT.

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Marisa said...

Like the pillow! I'm all about nontraditional. :)