Monday, July 31, 2006


In an attempt to not be pasty white for the wedding, I decided to go to the spray on tanning booth this weekend for a test run. I know they spoofed the experience on Friends years ago, but I must say, from personal experience, that it is every bit as unpleseant as it was portrayed.

After watching a video briefing me on what to do (booties, shower cap, lots of 'barrier' lotion on the hands, nails, knees and elbows to prevent tanning in those areas), I was shown to my room, which actually reminded me somewhat of an industrail closet. After getting undressed I followed the rules, put on the cream, my shower cap and booties and realized the goggles were missing. I got dressed and went to the desk where I was told to just shut my eyes, because the goggles caused noticable circles and I wouldn't want that.

I went back, got undressed again and entered the tanning booth. I was to press a green button and in 5 seconds was to be showered with tanning spray for the next 12 seconds. I stood there and nothing. So I pressed again, nothing. After repeating the process a few times I stepped out, got dressed and went back to the reception desk. The woman working the desk apologized and said she had forgot to turn it on, and that it should now be o.k.

I went back to the room, undressed for a third time, got into the booth and again nothing. At this point, I'm frustrated, but keeping my cool. I got dressed again, went back to the desk and was told that she had forgot to validate my fingerprint, which is part of their security measure to make sure people don't fry themselves in the regular machines 15 times a day. After I verified I went back, got undressed and was READY to get tan.

I pressed the green button and just as it was described I was showered with a burst of tanning spray for 12 seconds. Of course, I'm holding my breath and shutting my eyes, and after 12 seconds the machine stops and I have 10 seconds to turn around. Well at this point I need to take a breath and when I breath in I am disgusted by the massive amounts of tannign solution floating in the air. The machine proceeds to blast my backside for 10 seconds while I'm coughing and trying not to breathe in any more sludge.

After it was all through I stepped out, took a deep clean breath and toweled myself off. After a few hours I notices a VERY distinct tanline on the tops of my feet that the booties did not cover, and my hands, which I had applied a LOT of barrier lotion to were freakishly tan. Over the rest of my body I was pleasantly tan and I was happy with the results (minus the hands and feet).

It's a little expensive to have done, and if I do it again before the wedding, I'm going to have to figure a way to A) breathe and B) protect my hands and if that all works, I'll be doing it for the wedding.

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Anonymous said...

I think the airbrush tan, where they apply it directly to you with an airbrush by an artist is a good route. I think it's a little more expensive, but my sister has been happy with the results...?

- Heather