Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ann Arbor

After reading Heather's blog today I realized I hadn't posted anything about our move to Ann Arbor! To recap: Mike asked me in March to move to Ann Arbor (referred to as A2 or A-squared) so that he could start medical school. I agreed that he should move in with me for two months before he was scheduled to start so we could try out living together. He agreed to let me search and find a job at my own pace, whether that meant taking 3 or 6 or 9 months to do so.

I put my resume on Monster and applied for 4 jobs. I got a call regarding one that I applied for and they were willing to set up a telephone interview. I woke up at 5:30, put on a sweatshirt and slippers and called the my pajamas. Btw, I highly recommend interviewing in your pajamas, it is really comfortable. That was on Friday, June 10th. On Monday, June 13th, they called me to offer me the position with their firm. "They" are a mid-sized CPA firm and a small financial planning firm. Sometimes I think things happen for a reason. The girl who I will be replacing is in a similar situation as I am, trying to find a job in Florida from Ann Arbor. I accepted the position and started a whirlwhind of trying to move across country in 2 1/2 weeks.

We had pre-reserved our apartment in April, so that was taken care of already. But the list of things we needed to do in just two weeks was enormous! Not everything is done yet, but we have hired a mover, rented hotel rooms, changed our address, made plane reservations for a flight back to Seattle for my birthday, figured out the logistics of moving two cats, sold my washer and dryer (thanks Craiglist!) and have been packing up a storm.

I'm already starting to say goodbye to people that I care about and it's getting tough to do. I'm sad to be leaving my friends and familiy, but know that I will visit here often and keep in very close contact with e-mails, phone calls and letters.

I'm trying to view the move to A2 as an adventure and have started another blog "Living in A2" to share the fun things Mike and I do, the people we meet and the experiences that we have. (as not to clog up this blog with all of that...I still need to vent, regardless of location)

So we're leaving on July 1st, spending a night in Bozeman, MT, then in Fargo, ND for 3 days and then to Ann Arbor on the 5th. I start work on the 6th, fly to Seattle on the 9th, and back to A2 on the 12th. I'm going to be a busy girl!

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jon said...

Looking for new apartments I saw a post similar to your at this craiglist new york site. Its wild how they are about the same thing!

have a great day!!